How to Stop Judging by Mere Appearances

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Stop Judging by Appearances – Let this gentle, indirect hypnosis session update your knee jerk responses to people


Stop Judging by Appearances – Let this gentle, indirect hypnosis session update your knee jerk responses to people

Do you find yourself pre-judging people merely by the way they look?

Has this led you to make serious errors of judgment in the past?

It's inevitable that we'll judge by appearances to some extent, but there has to be some reservation about the accuracy of our first impressions if we're going to give people a chance.

It's was originally a useful instinct

It's not so odd that we all tend to go by appearances. Just think about the evolution of humankind, and the sorts of challenges that faced our distant ancestors. I

t's easy to see that those who could make instant decisions, (and act on them!), would have a better chance of survival. And that means that we, their descendants, have this instant judgment capacity almost genetically programmed into us.

But it's become less so

The circumstances we are now in are very different from those faced by our early ancestors.

Although no one can possibly claim that human beings have everything under control (we wish!), in general it is true to say that our lives are significantly more stable and predictable, and less likely to be threatened by sudden dangers.

The trouble is, nobody has passed this information on to our genes yet.

The consequences of relying on instant assumptions

The consequence of this is that our evolutionarily useful tactic of judging things by appearance is still in operation in a world where it would be more useful to be highly skilled at looking beyond appearance.

The negative consequences are clear. We misread people and situations. We jump to conclusions – and they are wrong. This leads us to make unwise and even harmful choices, which we may later bitterly regret.

The effects of celebrity culture and the instant society

And things are even worse than that. Through an accident of history, we live in an age where the superficial appearance of things is actually idolized. We are positively encouraged to focus only on ‘looks' – just think of the celebrity culture that swamps us.

On top of that, we live in an age where technological advance has made us expect instant results for everything – so instant judgments fit right in.

This means that, even when you have woken up to the serious pitfalls of judging by appearances, it's not an easy task to change the deeply embedded pattern of making assumptions based on appearances.

Why doing as you would be done by is not so simple

You may have experienced discrimination due to other people's judgment of you, based entirely on how you looked, or on the superficial characteristics of the situation in which you encountered them.

You may feel that you were never really given a chance, but just got immediately pigeon-holed by their prejudices. Sadly, such experiences, by themselves, don't prevent you from making the same mistake with others.

The good news is that instinctual behaviors, such as snap judgments, even when genetically based, can be effectively reprogrammed with more constructive behaviors.


How you can update an instinctive behavior with hypnosis

The trick is to tap into our natural behavior-programming capacity – the dreaming brain. We now know that instinctual behavior patterns are not ‘ready-made' in us.

Instead, we are born with a set of genetic ‘templates', which become activated when we dream, or when we encounter certain triggering experiences.

Stop Judging by Appearances is an audio hypnosis session which makes practical use of this knowledge. Hypnosis allows you to switch your brain into ‘dreaming' mode while you are awake – and thus to control the programming which takes place.

Listening to this gentle hypnosis session relax you very deeply, just like you do when you go to sleep – and then dream.

But instead of a random dream experience, you will enjoy a highly focused waking trance designed to help you adopt a naturally more objective approach to assessment. This will make it much easier for you to withhold your judgment on people and things until you are really ready.

Download Stop Judging by Appearances now and find out what the world is really like. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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