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Attention Seeking – You can use hypnosis to effectively stop attention seeking behavior and develop a more mature relationship style


Attention Seeking – You can use hypnosis to effectively stop attention seeking behavior and develop a more mature relationship style

Have you been directly criticized for “just being an attention seeker”?

Do you get the sense that you need to be noticed and appreciated more than other people seem to, and that sometimes you push for this in a perhaps unbalanced way?

‘Attention seeking' gets a lot of negative press. The term is often used as a criticism of the behavior of children, for instance, as if looking for attention was a bad thing. And if the term is applied to adults, it's even more pejorative, indicating that that person is somehow immature and childish, and ought to ‘grow up'.

We all find it pretty painful to hear this kind of language used about us. It makes us feel unappreciated, and defensive, and even angry. It feels unfair. And it is, in truth, unfair. Because everybody – and that means everybody – has a deep and fundamental need for attention – both to receive it from others and to give it to others. This is one of the basic human needs.

What is attention seeking behavior for?

It's important to understand how the basic needs that we share as humans drive our lives. In order to function well and be reasonably healthy and happy, a certain number of basic requirements (beyond air, food, water and shelter) have to be adequately met. For example, as well as attention, we need to have a sense of security, and meaningful relationships, and rewarding and stimulating activities.

The very first thing that we all have to do, and which nature has equipped us to do, is to see that these needs are met – somehow! We don't really have spare capacity to engage effectively in things beyond these needs if they are not adequately attended to. If we're lucky, we find a healthy and effective way to meet these needs. If we're unlucky, we may adopt a negative and possibly harmful way. But we will attempt to meet them regardless.

And so it is with attention. The lucky person is raised in and lives in an environment where the people around give plenty of nourishing attention and appreciation, and that person learns to return the favor, so that the give and take of it is natural and balanced over time. The unlucky person – doesn't. But their need doesn't go away. They will attempt to meet it with inappropriate and unbalanced attention seeking behavior.

The fact that you're reading this shows that you have understood that some of your own behaviors that bring you attention may be inappropriate or harmful. It also shows that you have the maturity and insight to be willing to set out to change this and adopt better ways of meeting your needs. And what is the best way of doing this?

How hypnosis can help you stop attention seeking behavior

Stop attention seeking is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with years of experience in the field of behavior change. Using powerful hypnotic suggestions and transformational techniques, this session will help you

  • teach your unconscious mind to let go of inappropriate behavior patterns
  • gain a new perspective on your relations with other people
  • feel at ease with new ways of relating healthily to others
  • enjoy developing more effective ways to meet your need for attention
  • develop a greater maturity and balance in yourself

Download Stop attention seeking and bring your life into balance.

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