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Be Less Critical – Let this gentle hypnosis session help you be more creative around helping others improve


Be Less Critical – Let this gentle hypnosis session help you be more creative around helping others improve

Are you a straight talker? Do you speak as you find?

And do you rather often find that things are not what they should be?

In such circumstances, it’s tempting to rail at whoever is responsible for the shortcomings and tell them off for being nincompoops or ignoramuses or incompetents or whatever personal failing you consider lies beneath the problem. Because pointing out their faults will help them do better, will it not?

Criticism doesn’t bring the results you expect

Over time, however, you cannot have failed to notice that most of the people whose faults you have gone to such trouble to correct have improved much less than you would have expected.

You’ve told them what you think is wrong with them, so why have they not taken it on board and really benefited from your input? Why do some of them, in fact, even seem to do things worse than before?

You may have noticed the same phenomenon in your own personal development. When you feel less than satisfied with your own performance at something, do you tell yourself off for your failings?

Do you ask yourself in angry tones why you are so lazy? So stupid? So slow? Does this help you improve in any measurable way? Or do you just feel bad?

What’s wrong with focusing on what’s wrong

You see, at first sight it seems obvious that the way to sort out what’s ‘wrong’ with something that has been done is to focus on the problem and on the person responsible.

But in practice, being less critical and focusing more on what has gone ‘right’ is a far more effective way to get people to improve what they are doing. And this is true even when you apply it internally, to yourself.

Can you get it wrong focusing on what’s right?

You may wonder if such an approach doesn’t risk giving people the idea that they are doing better than they are – which surely would be counterproductive?

And if you praise yourself when you have done badly, wouldn’t you just be deluding yourself? What good would that do?

Success is the most powerful motivator – use it well

But it’s not a matter of totally disregarding what has gone wrong. It’s a matter of putting the emphasis on what has gone right. And then looking for what can be improved to bring it in line with what has already gone well.

This allows people to build on their successes rather than be brought down by their failures. They will then be much more motivated to lift their level of performance generally.

Enlist your unconscious mind to help you become less critical

The easiest way to initiate a more effective approach to criticism and feedback like this, even if you’ve never tried it before and feel it might be ‘out of character’, is to begin with an internal change. And for that, there’s nothing like the power of hypnosis to effect powerful change.

Be Less Critical is an audio hypnosis session which will allow you to engage in a new form of constructive engagement with yourself in total privacy.

It has long been established that deep mental and physical relaxation puts your brain in the optimal learning state for establishing new instinctive patterns. Be Less Critical will take you effortlessly into profound relaxation which will itself benefit you in so many ways.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions are combined in Be Less Critical to make it easy for you to discern and decide how you yourself want to be a more effective communicator and help you create a ‘template’ that will underpin your feedback to yourself and others easily and naturally.

Download Be Less Critical now and start to enjoy your increased effectiveness. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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