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Keeping In Touch –


Keeping In Touch –

It's funny how keeping in touch with the people you care about, your family, your friends, can slide down your list of priorities – sometimes to vanishing point. You'd think that social creatures like us would find maintaining contact with those who mattered to us a completely natural behavior which doesn't need any thought – you just do it. But we are also subject to social influences which actually separate us.

Not enough time for friends and family

The fast-paced, hi-tech modern world is an amazing place. We can do things that only a few generations ago would have been unthinkable, and we have freedoms that our grandparents could hardly have dreamed of. But there is a price. The sheer number of things calling on our time reduces our ability to give full attention to nurturing the less obviously valuable aspects of our lives – like keeping in touch with friends.

Does having less contact with friends really matter?

It can seem at first that this lessening of regular contact doesn't matter that much. After all, you know you can get in touch any time. So you postpone making that call, sending that email, dropping in to say hello, because you just have more pressing things to attend to. A long time can pass before you wake up to the fact that your circle of friends seems to have shrunk, or that you haven't spoken to your dad for over a year…

Research shows that friendships prolong life

And the fact is that this loss has a bigger impact on your life than you may realize. The quality and frequency1 of your social connections has been shown to have a measurable effect on your health, and as you grow older has a major influence on your lifespan and how well you handle aging. So you don't only miss your friends, you miss these quite tangible benefits keeping in touch with your friends can give you.

Using hypnosis to get back in the pattern of staying in touch

Fortunately, even if you've slipped into a pattern of infrequent contact, you can begin to put things right straight away – and even more easily when you use hypnosis to help you switch your mindset to re-prioritize the care of your relationships in your daily activities.

Keeping in touch is an audio hypnosis session which will help you effortlessly reacquire the instinctive pattern of nurturing relationships that matter to you by maintaining contact with those you care about. This delightful session will allow you to experience profound relaxation and the satisfaction of knowing that you are creating powerful new behavior templates for yourself to improve your life in so many ways.

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