How to Overcome Fear of Confrontation and Conflict

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Fear of Confrontation – Why hypnosis can help you be calm in confrontations and stand up for yourself

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Fear of Confrontation – Why hypnosis can help you be calm in confrontations and stand up for yourself

For some people the fear of confrontation, of facing up to someone who clashes with them, goes far beyond mere distaste for quarrelling.

After all, nobody really likes conflict or disagreement, and most of us will take steps to avoid getting into an argument if we can.

But some people will do anything rather than get involved in conflict. And this fear of confrontation can take their lives in the wrong direction.

Why people pleasing may not be the best answer to confrontation

One would think that keeping the peace, and smoothing things over, would be a good strategy for life. And often it is. There are times when we may disagree with others, but the differences between us are not really worth fighting about.

But there are also times when the differences really do matter, when compliance or submission to things you don't agree with can lead you into doing or saying things you later seriously regret.

At such times, when your deepest values and principles may be at stake, it's horrible to find yourself unable to take the stand you want because you are too terrified of the conflict you will unleash with your actions.

A paralyzing fear of confrontation may have its roots in childhood learning, or in previous experiences of conflict that turned out badly and had a traumatizing effect, making any future altercation – even just the thought of a fight – a source of anxiety and terror.

It's rational not to do things that cause you anxiety and terror, but not standing up for yourself when it matters can mean you really miss out in life.

You need more than will power to overcome fear of confrontation

A deep-seated pattern of conflict avoidance due to fear can't easily be undone by conscious effort. You already know that you sometimes need to face up to people who are opposed to you.

And that establishing clear boundaries about what you will or won't accept makes for better relationships in the long run. But this knowledge is not enough to prevent the cramping fear that rises in you when push comes to shove.

To break through this limiting pattern, you need to reach into its roots, which are deep in your own unconscious mind and behaviors. This is the part of your mind which sets up automatic associations (triggers) that go off by themselves and produce a particular response in you without you even thinking about it.

And you can reach into and work with this part of yourself most easily and effectively with hypnosis.

Why hypnosis is a powerful tool for overcoming fear of conflict

Overcome Fear of Confrontation is an audio hypnosis session that will allow you to completely reprogram your responses around the idea of dispute and conflict.

As you learn to relax more and more deeply each time you listen, so you find yourself easily integrating a new template of inner strength and clarity. The old fear will just melt into the past and you will feel more and more ready to face life, whatever it brings.

This means that you will be more and more able to approach the possibility of confrontation in a much calmer and more self-controlled way. And when it comes to a real conflict, you'll find that you are much better able to say what you think calmly and clearly, maintaining your stance, and staying calm in the process.

Download Overcome Fear of Confrontation now and begin to enjoy a new resilience and freedom in life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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