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Put Yourself First – It’s not selfish to put yourself at the top of your to-do list sometimes


Put Yourself First – It's not selfish to put yourself at the top of your to-do list sometimes

Living your life for others is worthy and helping others is good for our health.

But it is easy to forget that you can't look after other people's needs effectively until your own needs are taken care of.

A flower is not self indulgent when it takes up water.

Putting others first is a natural part of a caring person's make-up. When a child falls and cries, you'll clean the wound and reassure the child almost without thinking.

Putting yourself first sometimes is not selfishness

In that moment, if you're over-tired, ill or generally over stretched, you're ability to help is reduced and you might end up tripping over the child and hugging the band-aid by mistake!(1)

Putting yourself and your need to rest, relax, have fun sometimes will make you a better carer, provider or parent because you'll be healthier and have more energy.

Do you have an aversion to looking after yourself?

Upbringing, habit or unconscious beliefs can all make putting yourself first difficult. Even the thought of doing something for yourself may bring up feelings of shame or guilt.

And it's these unpleasant emotions that tend to stop people balancing their lives with an appropriate amount of self care.

How hypnosis can help

The great thing about hypnosis is that it helps you step out of old knee jerk emotional reactions and update them for the you that are now.

The Put Yourself First hypnosis session will help update your unconscious responses to the idea of caring for yourself sometimes so you come to feel the same way about it as caring for someone else.

A car isn't being selfish when it stops for fuel. It needs to do this so it can serve the situation as well as possible.

It can start to feel really liberating when you prioritize looking after your own needs sometimes.

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