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Speed Dating Men –


Speed Dating Men –

With speed dating, first impressions count! When you're speed dating you've got just a few moments to make the right impression. And in those few minutes, the more relaxed and confident you are, the better an impression you will make.

Attraction: It all happens so quickly – or does it?

Research shows(1) that someone knows whether they are attracted to you in the first few seconds of meeting you. This is pretty much common knowledge.

However, after a couple of minutes they can decide that they are attracted to you by the way that you sound, your facial expressions, what you say and how you respond to what they say – even if they weren't initially attracted to you in the first few seconds!

Why do some people have so much success with speed dating?

Some people get picked time and time again by potential speed dating partners and it isn't just the way they look.

Some people just ‘feel right' when we talk to them. Whether or no they look good, some people just seem easier to ‘click' with instantly. To have success with speed dating you need to start being a ‘click person'.

Speed Dating Confidence for men will supercharge your speed dating confidence and teach you some of the powerful secrets for gaining instant rapport with women.

This hypnosis session will powerfully program your mind and body to relax and be cool when speed dating, maximizing your chances of getting chosen more often.

You'll also learn some of the secrets of speed dating success and how to influence women by boosting your own instant appeal.

Download Speed Dating Confidence for men now and put your dating on fast track.

1. http://scholar.colorado.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1476&context=honr_theses

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