How to Reduce Anxiety When Introducing Yourself

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Introducing Yourself Anxiety – Feel calm and confident at introductions with the help of hypnosis


Introducing Yourself Anxiety – Feel calm and confident at introductions with the help of hypnosis

Do you dread those occasions when people have to introduce themselves in turn?

Does panic rise as your slot approaches?

It's your turn now!

It's almost a given nowadays if you go to conferences, business meetings, networking events or even other kinds of get-together that you will be expected at some point to tell everyone who you are. The convention is for everyone to speak in turn, so you can see your slot coming round the room. Pity the poor person in the last slot. They have far too much time to anticipate…

But you don't need an awful lot of time to get anxious about it, do you?

The painful anticipation of the introduction

Just knowing your turn is inexorably coming up and you are going to have to open your mouth and say something can turn your legs to jelly. It doesn't seem to matter whether you only have to say your name and role, or give some fuller account of yourself. It still feels like a giant spotlight is on you and everyone can see how awkward and tense you are. And like they will judge you and find you wanting.

Of course, this isn't actually true.

It's all about how you (all) feel

In situations like this nearly all the participants have very similar feelings. And this means they are focusing exclusively on how they themselves are going to cope. They are hardly paying any attention to you at all, far less to what you are feeling. Nonetheless, it feels like they are all focusing on you, and you respond to your feeling, not the objective facts.

That, surprisingly, is the opposite of bad news.

Why? Because you really can change how you feel about finding yourself in a situation where you have to introduce yourself to strangers.

You can become quite comfortable and easy with the idea and the reality of introducing yourself to new people in this way, and even positively look forward to it.

Don't believe it? Just try this…

Hypnosis is a great way to transform expectation and remove blocks

Introducing Yourself Anxiety is a powerful audio hypnosis session that will quickly get you naturally expecting to enjoy introduction sessions. And it will get you actively looking for more opportunities to meet new people, knowing you will no longer be tripped up by old negative associations.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Find yourself going deeper faster each time you listen
  • Experience a general lessening of tension and anxiety
  • No longer torment yourself with negative imaginings
  • Discover you can tolerate – even enjoy! – feelings that you used to find distressing
  • Feel more calm, confident and relaxed meeting people than you ever thought possible
  • Look forward to finding and meeting more people you can really connect with.

Download Introducing Yourself Anxiety and enjoy making the most of meeting new people. You can listen on your computer, your device, or via the free app you'll be able to access once you've completed your purchase.

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