How to Overcome Fear of Authority

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Fear of Authority – Learn to relax around people in positions of power or authority figures


Fear of Authority – Learn to relax around people in positions of power or authority figures

What effect do certain authority figures have on you?

Maybe you feel self conscious or perhaps they make you feel that at any moment you could say the wrong thing and get yourself or others into trouble.

Perhaps authority figures give you a vague sense of distrust or anxiety, making you unable to think clearly or do yourself justice.

It’s respect you need, not anxiety

You may have been taught and conditioned to automatically respect figures in authority but respect can easily cross the threshold into fear.

We fear what is powerful and can potentially damage us in some way.  Whether that damage is locking us up or showing us up we can still fear authority figures without ever analyzing just why we fear them.

Authority figures as parents

Sometimes we learn to fear authority because the authority figures almost inhabits a parental role and if we we had strict, over-bearing parents they can push the same buttons.

Perhaps teachers at school were strict and taught us how to fear those ‘in control.’ Are your buttons easily pushed?

Many people who fear authority also suffer excessive guilt and are more likely to feel they have done something wrong even if they are not always sure what!

The responsibility of those in authority

It can be useful to bear in mind that people in positions of authority may hide behind their status. It’s fine to respect someone in authority, as it’s fine to respect all people, but we don’t have to bow and scrape just because someone has been given certain responsibilities.

People in authority have been given certain powers and benefits because they have a service to perform and you are one of the people they serve. A good king or queen will serve as well as be served by their subjects.

If you read the newspapers they are full of examples of people misusing their positions of authority. They are certainly not automatically worthy of more respect than anyone else!

Imagine what it will be like to be respectful outwardly if necessary but to inwardly see the bigger picture and develop your own sense of natural authority.

The gentle, permissive hypnosis session Overcome Fear of Authority is designed to reset your response to authority figures, so that you can treat them with the respect they deserve, and no more.

With repeated listens to the session, you’ll find that you start to see the real person, rather than just the authority figure, and can treat them just as you would anyone else.

Download Overcome Fear of Authority now and start feeling stronger with people in power. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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