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Negative People Shield – Create a hypnotic ‘shield’ to stop gloomy people infecting your mood


Negative People Shield – Create a hypnotic ‘shield' to stop gloomy people infecting your mood

You could be forgiven for thinking that negative people must make up the bulk of the population.

All you ever seem to hear, see, or read is doom and gloom. The planet's packing up. Politicians are corrupt. Banks are embezzling your money. War and terror are everywhere. And crime. Not to mention disease. Bewailing the state of the world is the order of the day – and you are doing your fair share, like enough.

How can anyone feel positive in the face of all that?

And yet…

In your calmer, clearer moments you know this isn't the whole story. You can sense that there is a bigger picture out there – but somehow it's become obscured by the fog of negativity.

Where does all the negativity come from?

There's no question that life is a tough business, and really rough for many people. But human beings are natural born survivors and creative problem solvers, so how come the mood of gloom has become so pervasive?

People love to party and have fun, so why does everybody seem so miserable?

Negativity is catching

The most obvious thing about attitude is that it's infectious. If you spend your time around miserable, negative people, it's not surprising if you end up feeling pretty pessimistic yourself.

And if you associate with positive, upbeat, warm and outgoing types, you will find your own mood lifted and cheered.

Patterns of negative thinking are easily passed on in a family, or even in a work group. We are all influenced by the people around us, and these are the people we spend the most time with.

Negativity and the role of the media

In the era of instant news and 24 hour news bulletins, there's nowhere to hide. If you sit back and take a long hard look at what makes up the ‘news', you cannot fail to notice how rare it is to see a serious item of good news (except perhaps in sport, and then it depends which team you support!).

Did you know that research (1) (reported in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2007, Vol. 14, No. 2) has shown that a mere 15 minutes of watching news bulletins leaves most people experiencing persistent, negative, anxious feelings?

Negativity – no news is really good news

The fact is, good news isn't news. It's old hat.

This, in itself, should tell you something about that all-important ‘bigger picture' you sense out there. How would your sense of the world change if you stopped reading the papers, watching the TV bulletins and listening to the radio for a while?

How hypnosis can shield you from negativity

Negativity Shield is a special kind of hypnotic session. As well as allowing you to relax really deeply (thus enjoying a delightful holiday from pessimism and gloom) it will enable you to construct a highly effective protective ‘force field' around you.

You can invisibly deploy your negativity shield any time you feel the forces of negativity threatening or draining you.

Negativity Shield will empower you to access your own positive resources and ensure you can always see the bigger picture when others bombard you with negative messages.

Download Negativity Shield now and discover the just how much joy you can have in life – no matter what your circumstances. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 The Psychological Effects of TV News

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