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Others’ Shoes – Use hypnosis to imagine a walk in others’ shoes and gain insight into their life.


Others’ Shoes – Use hypnosis to imagine a walk in others' shoes and gain insight into their life.

Do you sometimes puzzle about what really makes other people tick?

Do you ever wonder just how people who are really good at something get that way?

We all look at other people ‘from the outside'. The only person we really know ‘from the inside' is ourselves – and goodness knows, we often find that we don't know ourselves all that well, really! But we generally know ourselves a bit better than we know other people. This doesn't prevent us from acting as though we know all about them. We pigeonhole and label people without a second thought, sure that we have them ‘sussed'.

Why you might want to walk in others' shoes

One day, if you're lucky, something wakes you up to the realization that other people, though clearly just as human as you, really are mysterious, and deeply different in many ways from yourself. You find yourself saying things like “Why on earth did they do that?” or “How on earth do they do that?” But rather than just being a throw-away comment, you find yourself really wanting to know.

There's various ways to find out about what lies behind other people's actions and attitudes. You can talk to them and ask them. You can read books or watch TV programs or movies or search the internet. But all this information, however good, is still, to you, ‘from the outside'. To really ‘get' what makes another person tick, you have to experience what it's like to be them.


How to ‘be' someone else

Not at all. Of course, you can't actually become them (though plenty of movies have been made that might make you think otherwise!). But, as a human being with a lot of your own living behind you, as a human being with a powerful and creative human mind, you can imaginatively put yourself in their place. This allows you pick up intuitively on what has made them what they are.

And the most powerful and easy way to do this is through hypnosis.

Hypnosis makes it easier for you to walk in others' shoes

Walk in others' shoes is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists and hypnotherapists that will help you understand others (and yourself) so much better.

This deeply relaxing and transformative session will blow your mind. As you listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find yourself

  • getting a deeper insight into specific people
  • gaining a wider understanding of people generally
  • learning at a deep level from the individuals you consider
  • feeling a deeper compassion for and empathy with others
  • becoming much more hesitant to judge others
  • (dare we say it?) becoming a nicer person

Download Walk in others' shoes and see the world with different eyes.

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