World Hypnotism Day

Happy World Hypnotism Day – Jan 4th!!

Bet you didn't know that existed. Well, now you do.

Many people don't actually know much about the totally natural state of hypnosis at all. And that's a pity because it's such an amazing tool for change.

This day was created with the goal of removing the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis – and that's a good thing. Educating the general public, that's you, about the truths and benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the goal. It's good to know the difference between hypnosis, stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy. To see for yourself what hypnosis is like, download a free relaxation recording here, from our website front page. Just click on the Big Blue Box. It's a two track audio. The first track explains hypnosis, the second track is a relaxation and stress reduction recording.

Hypnosis is simply a heightened state of suggestion and focus. One where you allow yourself to be receptive to ideas and yet remain fully in control – and it's also extremely and deeply relaxing as well.

Wouldn't it be good if you could change things easily and relax at the same time? Things you didn't think you could change. Well, with hypnosis, or hypnotherapy you can. Hypnosis with the positive intention for personal change, becomes hypnotherapy. During a session, and after a talk beforehand, discussing background etc, clear and specific goals are set, by you. Then the official hypnosis part of the session can begin. The more specific the intention, the more you want the change, the more successful you will be.

It can feel a bit like a guided meditation. After hypnosis, people often say they feel like they have had a really deep sleep, yet they remember every word of the session and were very aware of everything that went on the whole time.

It's the new year and often people are looking for change. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular as a choice of how to do that. More celebrities are doing it, and that helps with spreading the word about it, another plus for everyone.

It's use in surgery has been well documented since the first recorded instance in 1829 by Dr Jules Cloquet in Paris. That's surgery without anesthetic, so there has to be something in it right? Yes right! Find a bit more on that here.

Nowadays it's more commonly used to help people to quit smoking, or lose weight. But it's also great for anxiety, fears and a host of other things too. The goal isn't short term change. Hypnotherapy can help you to get rid of the self doubt and negative beliefs and help you do things differently, and for good.   You can find out a bunch more information about hypnotherapy and what it is, on our website here, which should answer any questions you might have.

Otherwise give me a call on 1800 760 249 and I'd be happy to help out. If you'd like to book a session or even share your story about hypnosis give me a call, email me through the contact page here, or leave a comment on our  facebook page.

Wishing you a Happy World Hypnotism Day! Now you know!



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