What would you like your 2023 to include, and will you feel great when it’s done?

I love this time of year. Not only because I've just had a short break, or that the weather has been somewhat nice of late (well I do live in Melbourne so that means ‘some nice days', amongst the others. I like this time of year because we can use it to create a fresh slate for what we would like ahead. 

What would you Like to Achieve or change in the year ahead?

Setting intentions (& making plans) for the year ahead is important in helping you to achieve what you would like, so you can look back at the end of the year and feel good. In this video I talk about that and a few other things.

I mentioned this cost/savings calculator that can be handy to help you make the decision and get moving on the thing you've been wanting to either stop or start doing. It was set up to help people to Quit Smoking, which is something I do, but it can be used for anything with a value attached to it. you'll find a link to the calculator I mention on my website. It's here to make it easy.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the video above which hopefully you'll find a little bit helpful towards creating yourself a great year ahead – it's also just me saying hi ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, if you'd like some help achieving your goals, just reach out on 1800 760 249 (free call), or email me via the contact page on my website here.

All the very best for your year ahead, and ticking things off your list!!


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