we’re 3 months in to 2023! How is it going for you?

The new year has a way of getting away from us. All those goals and resolutions set with good intent and gusto can sometimes fall into the background of a busy life. I'm hoping you've achieved some progress and at a few wins or more by now.

Hopefully you're getting ready for at least a short break and some fun and winding down time over the coming Easter period.

It's one of those times of year with various meanings across different cultures, religions and families, in all corners of the world.

Whatever the Easter Period means and will include for you, I'm sending you my best wishes and hope you'll be enjoying it all.


If you are wanting some help to keep on ticking off your intentions for the year – whether you set them early on, or are even just deciding you are ready now – simply ask for it, or let others know what you'd like to achieve. It all helps.

By getting some additional support on your side, you're much more likely to succeed in the long term. Don't think it needs to be perfect, give yourself time to make steps forward towards what you would like.

Reach out to a family member, a friend or someone such as myself on the details below. Having conversations about it, and getting some feedback on the idea is a great start to get the ball rolling towards setting yourself up for success.

As you might already know, hypnotherapy is an effective way to cement in changes for the longer term. This article we recently posted was on just that, and the meta-analysis studies backed it up. The post was specific to Quitting Smoking with hypnotherapy, but that really is an example of the success that is very much achievable in many areas.

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Getting out for a hike or just being in nature is a great things to include on any weekend, especially the longer ones.
Getting out for a hike or just being in nature is a great thing worth including on any weekend if you can, especially the longer ones.


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