Back at the Clinic and Ready to Go!

Welcome Back Melbourne!

We are back at the clinic and ready to go once again! We're hoping you are as keen to get moving as we are!

After a long 3 months of working online it's lovely to have the option once again of seeing you face to face in the clinic.

Of course masks are still a requirement for now, but that's not a hassle at all. The clinic Covid-19 plan is in place to keep everyone healthy and feeling at ease.

If you have been putting off dealing with an issue until the clinic has re opened, now is the time!

We're back at the clinic and ready to help you face to face again!
We're back at the clinic and ready to help you face to face again!

Throughout the past few months of dealing with Covid we have all had to make so many changes. Some things have been easy enough to adapt to, some have been a real struggle. If you haven't been able to overcome something that has been going on for you, and that you want that to change, perhaps now is the time to think about reaching out and getting some support.

Regardless of whether it's hypnosis, NLP or another way, we have a range of tools to help you make the changes you want.

What do you want to change?

Are you wanting to quit smoking, or perhaps get rid of some of the dreaded extra Covid kilo's? Do you want to deal with anxiety or depression that has magnified over the past few months? Whatever is going on for you, don't wait any longer.

We have been helping clients throughout the past few months online, and can still do that. At least now we have the option of either way, which is nice. We can also do a mix of online or in clinic sessions to save you the hassle or effort of coming to the clinic for each session. Rest assured, it doesn't effect the outcome whichever way you decide to go.

Call 1800 760 249 for a quick no obligation chat, or make contact via this form here.

If you're ready to go ahead let's get you booked in and feeling better soon.


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