Feeling Stuck.. at home / or not?

It's winter, and it sure feels like it…. so many people are feeling stuck and frustrated with all the uncertainties of life right now… and with coronavirus and restrictions on and off… the whole thing is dragging on and on.. and isn't helping……

Rather than dwell on what we can't change or what we can't do – for a start – we can get busy and focussing on what we can do… Nurturing ourselves and eating well is one of those things.

Around this same time last year I added an article about eating well during the pandemic to my website- at that time I really didn't think we'd still be in the thick of it all by now, but here we are.

The importance of resting and taking care of our bodies was another article posted which talked about a few more self care ideas. You'll find more posts on the site and relevant links if you're keen for them.

Today I want to share a new updated version of a winter warmer type recipe which I recently tried out myself (it was soo good!). It's a slow cooker beef chili, but there are also a few alternate and equally tasty versions including stove top, vegetarian, keto-friendly and hot and spicy. You could quite easily make it fully plant based too.

If you give this winter warmer a go do let me know what you think of it, and what version is your fav.

Slow Cooker Chili
Slow cooker chili is my number one, go-to recipe when I’m not sure what to make for dinner. This simple chili recipe is protein packed … Continue reading

What can you do about it?

If you're feeling stuck, don't wait around idly (or for things to go back to some kind of ‘normal')… get yourself moving towards feeling better today.. regardless of what's going on locally or beyond that.

Whether it's eating better (including something tasty like this chili – just click the pic to get to the recipe), getting your body moving and out in the sunshine, talking to a friend, and or a professional (in our books especially if it's with the added help of Hypnotherapy and NLP), or perhaps a combination of other ways that are right for you – there is bound to be a healthy way for you to make a start towards feeling better and quite soon.

Like lots of professionals over recent times we are fortunate to be able to continue working using a combination of both online and at the clinic sessions (as restrictions allow) and will keep that up.

Both are good, both are effective, both can help you get unstuck.

All it takes is a quick email or phone call to get you started in a better direction.

If you are wanting some support or more ideas on getting through during these challenging times just reach out for a no obligation chat about it on 1800 760 249 or send an enquiry through here.


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