Highway to SUCCESS!! – Personal Development Workshop

Belief and Attitude System – Personal Development Workshop

When: Saturday 25th July and Sunday 26th July 2015

Highway to SUCCESS
Highway to SUCCESS – Personal Development Workshop


This base level course really is like a highway to success. It is the base level of everything everyone should know about the mind and body, and the connection between the two. Learn how to rid yourself of the self sabotage patterns that stop you and hold you back. Get rid of the labels you have been given or accepted for yourself.

This workshop places great emphasis on identifying the patterns that drive these behaviours. It teaches skills in testing, challenging and breaking free of our unhealthy habits of thought and behaviour. The skills learned in this workshop are straightforward and easy to understand. Participants are effectively empowered to become more competent and proactive in their own self management.

Get back onto the road to success, whatever that means for you.


To introduce interested parties to practical methods of understanding and improving their current life situations and equipping them with the means to do so. It is expected that upon completion of this course participants will be able to deal with ailments such as anxiety and depression.

It can also equip those in the helping professions to use their skills to further assist their patients and clients. This process is also an ideal educational adjunct for those in or aspiring to enter a career in the Human Resources sector of any institution or to commence private practice.


The course began in 1979 and was the result of the accumulated knowledge and experience of the top local professional practitioners of the time. The backgrounds of this group ranged from Psychology, Social Work, Management, Education, Motivation & Awareness training, Psychotherapy and Physiology. Since then it has evolved into a most effective method of providing a framework for effective living that the novice can understand and apply.


The seminar instructs participants in step by step methods enabling them to discover origins of unnecessary or destructive behaviour patterns, ineffective belief and attitude systems and equip them with strategies in making effective and constructive adjustment to their life patterns and those about them.


The philosophical principals underlying the course are grounded in common sense and established factual information. It does not require people in any way to change attitudes on the basis of faith. What is taken from the experience is at the option of the participant.


The expected global outcome is to produce happier and better adjusted people with a greater capacity to enjoy better relationships at home, at work and at play.

It is also expected that an enhanced degree of confidence, concentration, self awareness, ability to concentrate and self respect will be experienced by all participants.


The minimum age recommended is 14 years and otherwise the course is open to all who are in a self perceived need to enhance their personal existence or those under their care.


Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry

Bryan Perry is an experienced, now semi-retired hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and author from South Australia. He has many years experience as a therapist, teacher and presenter. Bryan is passionate about teaching others to become more competent and proactive in their own self management. He recommends this training for anyone who works with clients with mental health issues or for individuals with an interest in personal development.

What to bring with you?   Notepad and pen.

Includes: Morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch each day.

Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Cost: $200  Student Rate $100, Other Concessions apply. Phone to ask.

Registration and Payment:  Register, pay and get your tickets here via this link.

Where:  Held at the Caroline Springs Library. 193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard.

Phone 1800 760 249 for further information, or via our Contact Us page.


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