Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis


Perhaps you have wanted to quit for quite a while, and perhaps you have tried quite a few times to quit smoking.  Many of our patients have tried every option they could think of and then found us.  Lots of people find it easier to stop smoking using hypnosis, and once you understand a bit about why it works it really does make a lot of sense.

First, hypnosis is not magic, it's not some circus trick, it's a science that has been carefully refined to a point where it is able to allow you to remove many of the behaviours that you have that “automatically” lead to bad outcomes.  Think of it this way, if every time you get out of bed you have a smoke, and after every meal, and after your morning coffee then it's reasonable to expect cravings around these times.

But the cravings are not only the physical addiction.  Most of the craving is actually habit!  So if you had a way to disassociate the activity (such as having your morning coffee) with the habit that you are trying to get rid of (smoking) then suddenly a lot of the struggle to quit smoking is gone.

For some, it’s still a bit hard, and they do get occasional cravings or thoughts of cigarettes, but the vast majority in our Melbourne clinic are able to stop smoking using our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy System in a very short time. Most of our patients use only one hypnosis session and they are free and clear of smoking for good.

Have you already tried everything else? Are you ready to stop smoking using our Hypnosis Session for Stop Smoking in our Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic? Have a chat to us today.

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