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Improve Visualization – Learn how to improve your ability to visualize with this advanced hypnosis audio


Improve Visualization – Learn how to improve your ability to visualize with this advanced hypnosis audio

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for positive change but do you ever wish you could visualize better?

Maybe you've listened to hypnotic sessions before and been relaxed but found it hard to actually visualize the suggested scenes and experiences.

It seems that some people naturally find it harder to visualize, and it maybe that you're more comfortable using other senses.

What's your predominant sense?

We all tend to have a favorite sense; you may find it easier to imaginatively evoke a taste, smell, kinesthetic feeling or sound easier that you can a sight. But you can greatly improve your capacity to visualize.

You might go so far to say you ‘don't visualize!'. Of course if you couldn't visualize at all, you wouldn't know how to recognize things.

If you ever visualized in a dream (and most people have in incredible detail) then you can visualize – it just seems as if you can't because it hasn't, until now, been consciously directed.

Taking the pressure off

In this session we are going to take any pressure to visualize right off so you start to relax with the process and have it happen naturally and easily.

The part of your brain that visualizes when you dream is the same part that visualizes when you relax in hypnosis and we can utilize this to your benefit.

The benefits of visualization

Being able to hypnotically visualize is great but to benefit from a hypnotic session you don't necessarily need to see in great detail just a flash here and there may be enough to change an unwanted behavioral and emotional program into a more desirable one.

But just like working a muscle you can greatly improve your powers of visualization which will benefit your creativity, powers of observation, recall and memory and enjoyment of life.

The Improve Visualization hypnosis session will be wonderfully relaxing but also deeply engage the part of your mind that naturally visualizes so you'll find your visual sense wonderfully enriched.

The more you relax to this session the easier you'll find it to relax and visualize at the same time and to use this skill for your own personal development.

Download Improve Visualization now and enjoy a more colorful experience. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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