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Get More Done by Training Yourself to Take Breaks. Get in sync with your natural rhythms to work smarter.

Do you sometimes find yourself running on empty? Are you regularly using caffeine to try to keep going? As humans, we aren’t meant to go non-stop. Although the pace of the modern world is hectic, our bodies and minds work better when we take breaks.

Use the power of your mind to take you on an inner journey that reduces stress and increases creativity

Relax During Massage – Drift into deep relaxation so your muscles can unwind with the help of hypnosis
Meditation Motivation – Refocus your attention towards regular meditation with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.
Maximize Hypnotic Response – How to use hypnosis to get more out of hypnosis
Deep Breathing – Reset your natural, healthy breathing pattern with hypnosis
Inner Peace – You can create a hidden sanctuary inside no matter what is happening outside using hypnosis
Be a Better Hypnotic Subject – Learn how to go deeply into hypnosis and reap all the amazing benefits
Lunchtime Relaxation – Taking time out for a hypnotic lunchtime relaxation will totally recharge your batteries for the afternoon
A Warm Place – Get carried away into pure tranquility
Yoga Nidra – Relax profoundly and deeply with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Body Scan Relaxation Technique – Learn to relax anywhere, anytime, with this hypnotic body scan
Mountain Hike – Relax deeply and naturally with this hypnosis download
10 Min Power Nap – Take a 10 minute hypnotic power nap and feel powerfully refreshed!
Quiet Mind – Learn to access a place of inner calm whenever and wherever you need
Vacation Mode – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to get your mind into vacation mode in double quick time.
The Island – A gentle, permissive hypnosis audio to destress and relax the mind and body
Instant Self Hypnosis – You never know when you’ll need to quickly put yourself in a resourceful state
House of Deep Rest – Let this advanced hypnosis session take you into the deepest relaxation, fast
The Hypnosis Habit – Engrain your personal development habit with this powerful hypnosis session
Relaxing Hypnotic Massage Therapy – Experience the wonderful benefits of relaxing massage without even having to leave the house
Crystal Ball – Let this creative, colorful hypnosis session clear away negativity and lift your spirits
First Time Hypnosis – Understand what hypnosis is and how to use it for yourself
Forest Walk Relaxation – Let this gentle, permissive hypnosis session take you deep into relaxation and tranquility
The Four Seasons – Step off the treadmill for a while and enjoy a rejuvenating trip around the year.
Guided Meditation – Use meditation to control your attention and experience a greater sense of oneness with the world around you
Improve Visualization – Learn how to improve your ability to visualize with this advanced hypnosis audio
Relax After Work – Work mode doesn’t work at home – use this hypnosis session to decompress rapidly and completely.
Beach Relaxation – All the benefit of a deeply relaxing holiday without the hassle
7-11 Breathing Exercise – Learn how to beat anxiety and reduce stress quickly and naturally
Meditation Hypnosis – How to use hypnosis to prepare your mind for quiet, deep meditation