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Am I Normal – How to access the common ground of being human with the help of hypnosis
10 Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety – If just the thought of small talk makes you nervous, and social situations make you feel ill, then read on to find out how you can become socially confident and relaxed…
10 Steps to Male Sexual Success – Why hypnosis can help you claim your right to a confident, successful sex life
Happy Bedtime – Make bedtime a happy time with a relaxing hypnotic story
Dial down the intensity and frequency of your itchy sensations
Natural Indigestion Remedy – Use hypnosis to gently relieve your indigestion symptoms and potentially reduce the likelihood of recurrence
Self Esteem for Kids – Gently rebuild kids’ self esteem through this relaxing and entertaining hypnotic story
Kids – General Anxiety – This gentle, hypnotic story gives children the resources to overcome their limiting concerns
Personal Growth – A gentle, permissive hypnosis audio to help you grow in the way you want
Accept Your Age – Feel good wherever you are on your life journey with hypnosis
Accept Penis Size – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to overcome anxieties about size and be more confident about sex.
Create Dental Anaesthesia – Use hypnosis to numb the mouth and throat during dental work
Act on Your Ideas – Hypnosis can motivate you to act on ideas and achieve real results that make a difference to you and others
Going Gluten Free – Hypnosis can help you deepen your commitment to eating only what your body needs
Selling Skills Superstar – Want to give your selling skills that superstar ‘punch’? Use hypnosis to get your unconscious mind aligned.
Always Busy – Hypnosis can help you get your life back in balance
Do Your Best Work – Train your mind to stay present and focused with hypnosis
Approaching Women – Develop the unconscious attitudes that women find naturally attractive with this advanced hypnosis download
Unavailable Men Addiction – Break out of old relationship habits with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Too Smart – Be more present and open to personal connections with the help of hypnosis
Arthritis Pain Relief –
Assert Yourself Pack – Learn to say what you mean, calmly and clearly with this 5 audio hypnosis pack
Avoid Mood Contagion – Rise above the influences of others with the help of hypnosis
Golf – Putting – Get your unconscious mind on side when you’re on the green with this advanced hypnosis session
Therapist Burnout – An audio download designed to protect yourself from overload
Meditation Hypnosis – How to use hypnosis to prepare your mind for quiet, deep meditation
Improve Your Eyesight – Use hypnosis to help you make the most of eyesight improvement exercises
Be a Better Manager – Use hypnosis to develop the approach and attitude of the true team leader
Confident Host – Hypnosis can help you relax and create events that make lasting memories
Conversation Starter – Find your conversational flow with the help of hypnosis
Express Your Love – How hypnosis can free you to say how you feel more eloquently
Career Change Confidence – How to use hypnosis to prepare yourself to change tracks and take a new course in life
Do you struggle with staying in the moment? Use Your Natural Abilities to Be Fully Present. Train your unconscious mind to keep you in the moment
Be Funny – Quicken your wit with hypnosis
Be Less Abrasive – Hypnosis can help you make your communication style more flexible and less harsh
Be Less Inhibited – Develop your focus and self-confidence with the help of hypnosis
Be Less Materialistic – Use hypnosis to break the addictive habit of consumption for excitement and status
Be Less Negative Pack – Developing positive habits of mind will help you in more ways than you can imagine
Attracting Women Pack – 5 hypnosis sessions to train your mind and body to give off the right signals to women
Be More Centered Pack – Learn advanced mind skills to allow you to stay centered in any situation
Be Comfortable with Silence – How you can use hypnosis to get comfortable with uncomfortable silences in conversations.
Be Frugal – Break the habit of thoughtless spending and retrain your brain to make better decisions.

Train Yourself to Be More Grounded – Develop a mindset that helps you stay solidly in contact with reality.

Train Yourself to Be More Loving. Develop the mental tools to make your family and friends feel valued

Be More Objective – Rise above unhelpful emotional reactions and see the bigger picture with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Be More Playful – Relax and remember how to have fun


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