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Moderate Drinking – Use hypnosis to stop drinking too much

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Moderate Drinking – Use hypnosis to stop drinking too much

Do you often find yourself drinking more than you are happy with?

Is it hard to resist the idea of “just one more”?

Millions of people never touch a drop of alcohol and don’t think anything of it. ‘Drink’ is just not part of their lives. And, of course, none of us were born drinkers (of anything but mother’s milk, that is).

We may like a drop, as the Brits say, but there is no hard and fast, unbreakable rule that says you have to drink in order to have a good life, or in order to be happy, or even in order to not be unhappy.

So how annoying, frustrating and oh so painfully disappointing it is when you find yourself – not again! – coming home from an outing with friends knowing you’ve drunk far too much. And much more than you really wanted to.

You probably even said to yourself beforehand, “I’m going to have two beers, and then I’m switching to soft drinks.” Or, “I’ll have three glasses, max, and that’s it.” And you really meant it.

What happened? Where did it go wrong?

How excessive drinking gets a hold on you

Well, you can stop beating yourself up about it. It wasn’t something specific that you did.

You drink too much because you get so focused on the present moment (and extending it) that you lose awareness of the future – with its consequences. It’s a kind of ‘negative trance’. There is only now… and now… and now… And you only remember tomorrow when it arrives.

Now here’s the good news.

You can overcome the ‘negative trance’ with an even more powerful ‘positive trance’ that will keep the perspective of your life in sharp focus for you.

How hypnosis can help you establish healthy drinking patterns

Moderate Drinking is an audio hypnosis session that will teach you how to establish a beneficial positive trance around controlled drinking. It works at the subconscious level to make alcohol increasingly less important to you and to enhance your ability to take the long view.

As you relax and listen regularly to your download, you’ll notice that:

  • Alcohol is just less and less important to you
  • Meals, conversations, party occasions and other events seem so much more vivid and enjoyable
  • You are often surprised to see that your glass is untouched
  • You have regular ‘days off’ and thoroughly enjoy them
  • You enjoy having a greater sense of self control and achievement.

Download Moderate Drinking – and enjoy life more! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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