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Food addiction is very real and very hard to live with. Unlike other addictions, you can’t simply quit eating food.¬†Food Addiction Help Without Medicine.

Overcome OCD About Staring. Train yourself to ignore what your brain is telling you and live freely

Eliminate Your Negative Emotion Addiction – Negative emotions are addictive for many reasons. But the deepest reason that you continue to replay them in your mind is because they are familiar. It’s a pattern that your mind finds comfortable.

Break Free from Scrolling Addiction Today

Say goodbye to the endless scroll and doom scrolling and regain control of your life

Overcome Money Addiction with Hypnosis.

Discover balance beyond your bank balance and embrace true fulfilment beyond wealth.

Laxative Abuse – Give your body what it needs and quit laxatives with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Smartphone Addiction – Improve your focus, build healthier relationships, and feel calmer and more at ease by creating a sense of distance between the real world and the digital world
Overcome MDMA Addiction – Naturally increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing with the help of this relaxing hypnosis session
Overcome Selfie Addiction – Use this gentle, permissive hypnosis session to ease away the selfie compulsion
Stop Loving Alcohol – Free yourself from of a drinking habit with hypnosis
Overcome Benzo Addiction – Free yourself from the drug that is stealing your quality of life with the help of hypnosis
Overcome Music Addiction – Hypnosis can help you stop being dependent on constant audio and enjoy the world’s natural sounds
Energy Drink Addiction – How hypnosis can help you break free on reliance on short term, jittery energy
Overcome Religious Guilt – Hypnosis can free you from manipulation and help you outgrow that guilty feeling
Nicotine Addiction – How hypnosis can help you break free from the need for nicotine
Sensorimotor OCD – Stop obsessing about body functions and processes with hypnosis
Painkiller Addiction – Hypnosis can help ease the addiction – and the pain
Slot Machine Addiction – How hypnosis can help you break free from gambling on slots
Party Without Alcohol – Forget about the alcohol and get the party buzz without the hangover, with this hypnosis audio
Stop Using Cocaine – Update your unconscious mind to stop using cocaine for good
Tanorexia – How hypnosis can help you beat tanning addiction
Social Networking Addiction – Read how hypnosis can help you break the urge to constantly check-in
Exercise Addiction – Use hypnosis to make your fitness program safe and healthy for you
News Addiction – Let hypnosis help you break the compulsion to keep reading and watching news bulletins
OCD Treatment – Try this gentle OCD treatment that swiftly calms obsessive worries
Compulsive Hand Washing – Hypnosis can help you overcome this most disruptive of compulsions
Moderate Drinking – Use hypnosis to stop drinking too much
Drink Less Wine – Train yourself to drink less wine comfortably and effectively with hypnosis
Stay Off Alcohol – Strengthen your resolve to stay off alcohol with this gentle hypnosis download
Cannabis Dependence – How to use hypnosis to help you break the habit
Chewing Tobacco Addiction – Hypnosis can help you break the chewing tobacco habit
Chocolate Addiction – Hypnosis can help you break the habit and improve your health
Caffeine Addiction – How hypnosis can help you break the caffeine/crash cycle
Gambling Addiction – The hypnotic effect of gambling can be countered by modern, indirect hypnosis
Kleptomania – Stop stealing with this gentle hypnosis session
Masturbation Addiction – Break the habit of masturbating with hypnosis and let your sexual response normalize
Internet Addiction – Break the time-wasting, life-damaging cycle with hypnosis
Porn Addiction – For porn addiction, hypnosis can be remarkably effective, releasing you from the compulsion gently and quickly.
Shopping Addiction – Relieve your need for compulsive shopping with gentle, permissive hypnosis
Obsessive Checking – Let hypnosis ease away your need to check, check and check again
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning – How hypnosis can help you break the obsessive-compulsive cycle
Diminish Alcohol Abuse – Use hypnosis to get an edge on the thing that’s damaging your life
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – A hypnosis audio to help your body normalize during alcohol withdrawal