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Anger Management – Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it

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Anger Management – Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it

Are your angry emotional reactions causing you problems?

Do you find it hard to control anger and wondering how hypnosis can help?

Life, some famous person once said, is just one darn thing after another. From our earliest days (just take a proper look at toddlers), our plans and wishes get frustrated.

Things don't work out how we expect. People don't do what they're supposed to do. We don't get what we want. It's no wonder we get emotional, and feel like breaking things, shouting, and even hitting people.

As we grow from toddlers to adults, we learn that there is a distinction between the unalterable laws of physics which govern why the natural world doesn't bend to our wishes and the behavior of the people around us.

People could give us what we expect or want or ask for, if they wanted. We know this. And so we can get even more frustrated when they don't.

It feels so wrong!

The value of anger

Of course, sometimes it is ‘wrong' in the objective sense. But even when it is merely a matter of not getting our own way, it feels just as ‘wrong' to us. This powerful feeling of being ‘wronged' is anger. It is a useful, energizing emotion in its place. It drives us into action against perceived threats.

The trouble is, anger is a primitive mechanism, and its simple primitive structure has not yet caught up with the complexities of modern life, where it isn't a good idea to treat your incompetent co-worker, say, as if they were a saber-toothed tiger threatening your very existence.

What happens when we get angry

The chemical changes that anger triggers in our bodies make us to focus and act directly on a source of threat, without paying attention to distracting surrounding circumstances. This, necessarily, makes us lose our rational perspective.

Wen angry we become blind to the subtleties of situations, totally convinced that we are ‘right', and ready to bulldoze over others, no matter what the objective circumstances are.

As we all know, that's not great for our relationships with other people, at home or at work.

What's more, if we are in the habit of getting angry when things don't go as we expect, research shows that our health will suffer.

But how do you get in control of this primitive force and use it more wisely and appropriately?

Why hypnosis is an ideal way to take control of anger

Anger Management Hypnosis is an audio session developed by psychologists that will put you back in charge.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that a number of profound changes take place within you. In particular, you'll notice that

  • you find yourself feeling more relaxed and ‘laid back' in general
  • you are less and less likely to be roused to anger
  • when you do find yourself getting angry, you can quickly calm yourself down
  • you can think much more clearly and calmly in frustrating situations and work out a way forward
  • you feel more in control
  • your relationships with everyone around you begin to improve.

Download Anger Management Hypnosis and rule your emotions rather than letting them rule you. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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