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Do you find yourself hung up on feelings of guilt? Free Yourself from Survivor Guilt. Use the power of hypnosis to process your emotions and heal
Have you recently moved and feel a little unsettled in your new town? Are you trying to decide whether your new location is right for you? 
Learn to let go and have fun through hypnosis
Take back your power and keep small events from ruining your day

Shield yourself from unfairness with a bulletproof sense of self-worth

Develop the inner resources to stop caring what others think about you

Learn to approach new tech with patience and curiosity

Discover the root cause of your discontent and find ways to beat it

Stop Expecting to Fail – Develop a more optimistic mindset and envisage a brighter future with this relaxing hypnosis session
Stop Feeling Resentful – Let go of those bitter, twisted feelings that have been holding you back and move on with this gentle hypnosis session
Be Honest with Yourself – See things more clearly with this revealing hypnosis session
Soften Your Expectations – Take the pressure of yourself (and others) with gentle, permissive hypnosis
Control Empathy – Learn to be kind without getting overwhelmed with hypnosis
Parental Expectations – Free yourself to be yourself – with hypnosis
Taking Yourself Too Seriously – Loosen up a little with the help of hypnosis
Stop Being Cynical – Adopt a happier healthier outlook with the help of hypnosis
Crying in Arguments – Gentle, permissive hypnosis can help you gain control of your emotions
Stop Being Stubborn – Escape this unhelpful habit with gentle, permissive hypnosis
Detach from Fear – Use hypnosis to tune out fear and anxiety
Dealing With Rejection – Learn to manage your emotions and bounce back
Get In Touch With Your Emotions – Know what you feel and let yourself feel it
Grass Is Always Greener – Learn how to escape the cloud of dissatisfaction
Be More Humble – Use hypnosis to realign your unconscious attitudes to match your wishes
Respect Loved Ones – Train your unconscious mind to honor those you love – even when they annoy you!
Feeling Like a Failure – Calm those harsh feelings with hypnosis
Express Your Love – How hypnosis can free you to say how you feel more eloquently
Accept Things – Hypnosis can help you come to terms with what can’t be changed
Don’t Be Ashamed – Hypnosis can help you let go of shame and get ready to move on
Improve Your Mood – Why hypnosis can help you step out of bad moods rapidly
Road Rage – Why hypnosis can stop you getting angry behind the wheel
Let Go Of The Past – How hypnosis can set your mind free to make the most of your future
Let It Go – Whatever it is that’s bugging you, hypnosis can help you let it go
Dealing with Guilt – Be fairer towards yourself and move on from excessive feelings of guilt with the help of hypnosis
Overcome Greed – How hypnosis can help you break out of the acquisitive cycle
Improve Impulse Control – Develop self-mastery with the help of hypnosis
Stop Being Irritable – Break out of your knee jerk irritation response with this permissive hypnosis audio
Increase Emotional Intelligence – Understand your own and other people’s emotions so you can enjoy deeper connections and increased success
Express Your Emotions – Say how you really feel, at the right time, in the right way.
Overcome Envy – If you’re more envious than most people, hypnosis can help you learn how to overcome it
Forgiveness – Hypnosis can help you let go of resentment, bitterness and anger
Forgive Yourself – Update your unconscious patterns with hypnosis and stop beating yourself up
No Embarrassment – Learn how to replace embarrassment with calm and comfort in difficult situations
Anger Management – Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it
Birthday Blues – How hypnosis can help you adjust your emotions around getting another year older
Feeling Down – How hypnosis can help you gently let go of pervasive worry and relax into a better everyday mood
Control Your Emotions – You can achieve better emotional balance by learning to use your unconscious mind