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Feeling Like a Failure – Calm those harsh feelings with hypnosis


Feeling Like a Failure – Calm those harsh feelings with hypnosis

Do you look at your life and feel like a failure?

Are you busy writing off your future on the basis that your past didn't work out how you planned?

No matter how clever or wealthy or talented or knowledgeable or skilled or socially well-connected or some combination of these you are, life is going to dish you out a random number of painful experiences. As the old saying has it, “Life is what happens while you're planning something else.” We simply cannot control and contain it, no matter how hard we try. And we do try!

It's perfectly normal to feel distressed when things go wrong, to have pangs of sadness, grief, anger and disappointment. Even to feel guilt sometimes, when our own misjudged behavior was a significant contributing factor. It can take time to process such emotions, to come to terms with what happened and its impact on your life, before you can move on. And the processing can be decidedly uncomfortable.

Feeling like a failure can stop you moving on

But sometimes the ‘moving on' stage gets stalled. Because it's very easy to fall into beating yourself up, criticizing yourself and pronouncing the world's harshest judgment on yourself: “You're a failure!” And when you've started to feel like a failure, you start to act like one, and your life can take a quite unnecessary downward spiral.

But I am a failure, you say. Just look what a mess I've made of this! And that! And that other thing!

Distinguishing between what you are and what you do

Just so. You did this – and it didn't work out. You did that – and you got a different result from what you planned. You did that other thing and lost everything you invested in it. So three things that you did ‘failed' to produce what you wanted or expected, and you may even have been directly responsible in some way.

But that doesn't change what you are. Calling yourself a ‘failure' is sticking a negative label on yourself, which you then feel bound to live up to (as we all do with our labels).

So if you take off the label, what are you?

The value of setbacks and successes

You're a human being whose life is a mix of experiences, some of which are pleasant and rewarding and exciting, some of which are unpleasant and disappointing and distressing. Sometimes your own actions contribute to how those experiences turn out, sometimes you have no control whatever over what happens. The value of both sorts of experience is that you can learn from them. You can use them to grow.

But the label of ‘failure' blocks the door to growth.

This is all very well, you say. I understand. But I can't help what I feel! And I feel like a failure.

You can help that.

Hypnosis can get you to where you no longer feel like a failure

Stop feeling like a failure is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists that uses the power of hypnosis to help you calm and transform the negative emotions that keep you trapped in negativity.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll experience a fundamental transformation going on inside. You'll notice that

  • you start to take a fairer, more balanced attitude towards yourself
  • you don't deny faults but can address them and work towards improvement without harshness
  • you start forgetting to think about past disappointments
  • you feel more able to accept the things you can't change with a measure of equanimity
  • you begin to properly value your real strengths and achievements
  • you feel much more positive about what the future offers you

Download Stop feeling like a failure and lift the blocks on your life.

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