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Stressful Christmas – Survive the festive season using relaxing hypnosis


Stressful Christmas – Survive the festive season using relaxing hypnosis

Christmas is a meant to be a time of togetherness with family, fun, joy and selfless thought towards others. But so often Christmas can just seem like another major life stress. Why should this be?

What makes Christmas stressful?

First there's the preparation, the shopping in frenzied, crowded stores people pushing and shoving and you worrying whether so and so will like the present you've bought them. Then there's the cooking and organizing and of course the financial strain that the extra cost of Christmas entails. Many of us get seriously in debt (or more in debt) after the Christmas holiday. But the biggest stress of Christmas comes from the very essence of what Christmas is supposed to be all about – other people.

The nightmare before, during and after Christmas

The biggest stress of Christmas can come from the friction caused by family members getting together over the festive season. You may feel like a referee as relatives battle, argue and fight there way through what is meant to be an enjoyable time. You may end up dreading Christmas and of course the more you dread Christmas the more likely you are to get really stressed out by Christmas.

Why do we become stressed by Christmas?

We become stressed by anything that seems to exceed our ability to cope and causes stress hormone levels to rise in our bloodstream. This session will relax you deeply and prepare your mind to feel calm about the prospect of Christmas. You'll find yourself feeling more relaxed during the holiday season and actually enjoying Christmas.

Download Overcome a Stressful Christmas now and begin to relax around your festive season.

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