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Get More Done by Training Yourself to Take Breaks. Get in sync with your natural rhythms to work smarter.

Get More Done by Training Yourself to Take Breaks

Get in sync with your natural rhythms to work smarter

Take Breaks

Do you sometimes struggle to stay focused on work?

Do you wish you could “get into the flow” more often?

Although it may seem odd, one of the best ways to maintain a high level of output is by taking breaks.

The brain needs to change the way it is working roughly every 90 minutes, switching from focused mode to a diffuse state of awareness. When you give your mind a few minutes to rest, you become happier, healthier, and better able to stay on task.

Why you need breaks

In today’s world, it can feel like taking breaks during the day is lazy. You may think that if you need a break, you don’t have enough energy to drive to stay engaged with your work.

But that’s not true. Although people like to brag about how hard they work, the best workers don’t simply work hard. They work smart.

Your mind is not meant to be “on” all the time. In the same way that professional athletes need to take breaks from training, your brain needs periods of rest.

When you take breaks, you allow your mind the chance to rest and recharge. If you take good breaks regularly, you’ll find that you can focus for longer stretches and be more productive when working.

The key is taking the right kind of breaks. Your body has a natural rhythm that is unique to who you are. When you are in tune with this rhythm, you can feel when you need a break.

How hypnosis can help

Take Breaks is an audio hypnosis session that will help you incorporate restful breaks into your day. Hypnosis puts you into a deeply relaxed state that allows you to notice and connect with your natural rhythm and identify when you need a break.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • Take restful breaks more consistently
  • Feel more focused throughout the day
  • Get more done while working less
  • Think more clearly and creatively.

Download Take Breaks now and start working smarter! You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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