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Working Mothers – Relieve your stress as a working mother and start getting more from both sides of your life.


Working Mothers – Relieve your stress as a working mother and start getting more from both sides of your life.

Are you constantly juggling the conflicting demands of family and job?

Do you sometimes wonder if all the stress you go through trying to balance work and home is really worth it?

We modern people like to think we're so advanced compared to our benighted ancestors. We look at the advances that have been made in women's rights and think that women have never had it so good.

In some ways this is quite true (at least in Western societies), but every working mother knows that there is a very high price to pay for ‘having it all'. And it is she (and her children) who end up paying it.

Women and men are not all ‘equal' – yet

Equality is a very fine thing, if you've got it, but as the famous author George Orwell said in his novel Animal Farm, “some are more equal than others”.

Women with families are under several contradictory pressures. It is only fair that they should be treated equally with men in the field of work. But the question of whose responsibility it is to manage the child care has not really been addressed.

It is still assumed that women will take the lead in managing home and children, even if they have a demanding full time job. Individual partners may do their best to share equally, but the working world does not actually treat working fathers and mothers the same.

There is very little provision to allow or encourage fathers to play a truly equal role with mothers in raising the family.

Media pressures lay impossible ideals on women

But that is not the end of it. Working moms are not only under pressure to be equally good at child rearing and maintaining a job or career. They must also look good, be attractive, entertain, decorate, cook and be great in bed.

You only have to look at the media images of ‘successful woman' to see that an impossibly difficult ideal of ‘supermom' is being forced on women everywhere.

It is no wonder so many working women suffer terrible stress, anxiety and guilt, and feel like they are failing to meet social standards even when, in fact, they are making a thoroughly decent job of the challenges they face.

How hypnosis can help you relieve the stress of being a working mother

Working Mothers Stress is an audio hypnosis session prepared by psychologists who are experts in the field of stress management which will specifically help you, as a working mom, take a step back from the pressures and give yourself a real break.

As you relax into deep trance, you will not only be refreshing and rejuvenating your energies, you will also benefit from powerful hypnotic suggestions which work at an unconscious level to give you an empowering new perspective on the different strands of your life.

You will also absorb powerful psychological techniques for keeping yourself balanced and maintaining your resilience in times of stress.

Download Working Mothers Stress now and give yourself the break you deserve. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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