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Compulsive Lying – You can use hypnosis to gently change the emotions that drive you to lie

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Compulsive Lying – You can use hypnosis to gently change the emotions that drive you to lie

If compulsive lying is a problem for you, you will know how it can lose you the respect of friends, colleagues and loved ones. Not to mention your own self-respect.

Compulsive lying is not about the white lies we all tell to, say, protect other peoples' feelings. Compulsive lying goes way beyond occasional fib telling.

When you lie compulsively and repeatedly it creates a build up of tension as it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep track of what you've said to whom.

And compulsive lying can become habitual. You may find yourself lying even when telling the truth would have been much easier. And eventually, you can even forget you are lying as it starts to come to you so easily.

Why do people lie compulsively?

  • Compulsive lying may originally be prompted by the fear that you are not interesting enough. And so you invent stories that create the image you want to project to others.
  • Compulsive lying may also be prompted by perfectionism. If you can't stand the thought of not being perfect, you may lie to cover up your normal human failings.
  • People sometimes lie because they want to tell others want they think they want to hear.
  • Compulsive lying may also be stimulated by boredom – we all like to feel that our lives are exciting, so we may lie to bridge the gap between the way things are and how we would like them to be.

The danger is that compulsive lying becomes a habit and normal reality can seem increasingly mundane.

How Stop Compulsive Lying works

The Stop Compulsive Lying hypnosis download looks at why you lie and sets your mind to be more open and honest with people in your life.

You will get into the honesty habit – and actually begin to enjoy the relief of being straight with people. Just think of how easy it will be when you no longer have to fear being caught out; when people like you for who you are and what you do. That's real confidence.

Download Stop Compulsive Lying now and enjoy a real life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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