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Stop Being Cynical – Adopt a happier healthier outlook with the help of hypnosis


Stop Being Cynical – Adopt a happier healthier outlook with the help of hypnosis

Do you often find yourself being cynical about people and events?

Do you doubt that there is any real good or honest trustworthiness in the world?

Thinking (and expecting) the worst of people is a canny strategy in some ways, because it means you can avoid the painful experience of being let down. Or at least the painful experience of being surprised by it when it happens. It won't be you who says “How could they do that?” You expect people to lie, cheat and do each other down. You'll be the one who says “What did I tell you? You can't trust anyone!”

And of course there are plenty of liars, cheats and con artists of every stripe to prove you right. The news headlines confirm your view every day. Politicians are corrupt. Married people engage in adultery. Business people swindle the public and each other. Thieves and robbers take what belongs to others. Drug lords exploit the vulnerable. It's all in the news.

The news won't tell you what you really need to know

Now as a card carrying cynic, you know better than to believe what you see, read or hear in the news. Media barons lie to you too, do they not? But what's really interesting is not that lots of news stories are false, or only partly true. What's interesting is that most news stories, the vast majority of news stories, are about bad behavior. People being good, or kind, or generous, or trustworthy is simply not news.

Think about that.

What makes something ‘news' is that it is unusual. Nobody wants to read about something that happens all the time.

Good news that you won't find in the news

What this means is that it is simply not true that “people are only out for what they can get”. Many people give their all to their work because they care deeply about doing a good job, about helping others, about creating something worthwhile. People often spontaneously help each other, even when there is no incentive or reward. We are a social species, and we have a powerful drive to connect with each other, help each other and contribute to each other's lives.

There are liars, cheats and con artists, and you would be wise to avoid them. It's wise to take precautions and protect yourself as best you can. You might still have bad experiences. But when you write off the whole world as unworthy of your trust and respect, you just cut yourself off from the joy, fulfillment and adventure that could be yours in life.

Isn't it time to stop?

Hypnosis can help you adopt a new attitude to life

Stop being cynical is an audio hypnosis session that will help you embrace the full spectrum of human experience and open up to the amazing possibilities of life once more.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Feel as if you have at last laid down an over heavy burden
  • Become aware of a gentle healing process going on inside
  • Start to actually notice the goodness and kindness and other positive qualities in the people you encounter
  • Find that other people are responding to you more positively
  • Are still cautious and careful when it's necessary to be so
  • Enjoy life more and more.

Download Stop being cynical and connect with what's good in the world.

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