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Watching Child Perform – Audio hypnosis to help you keep your cool


Watching Child Perform – Audio hypnosis to help you keep your cool

Do you get terribly anxious when you watch your child taking part in something competitive?

Are you worried your nervousness might hinder their success?

Parents want their children to be the best

It's only natural for you as a parent to feel emotionally involved when your child is pitting themselves against others. You might find it almost unbearable to be on the sidelines sometimes. You might constantly worry that they'll make a slip. You might feel ecstatic at their wins, or devastated at their losses. And let it show.

Parental worries can affect the child

But natural as it may be to get caught up in all the excitement of an event, too much emotional investment can bring problems.

For example, your anxieties can communicate themselves to your child and affect their performance. And if they don't win or succeed in the expected manner, they can feel a terrible guilt for letting you down. As if they somehow owed it to you to win.

This doesn't mean you should be completely aloof and not care at all.

It's great to be there supporting your child. It's great to participate in the general excitement of a competition and sit on the edge of your seat like everyone else. But how can you stop yourself getting overwhelmed by your own emotional reactions?

This is where hypnosis can really help you. Watching your child perform is an audio hypnosis session that will help you balance your desire to see your child do well with a broader perspective that allows you to be involved and engaged with what's happening and yet stay calmly grounded.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Find yourself relaxing very deeply – perhaps deeper than ever before
  • Discover how to expand and contract your awareness
  • Find yourself paying more attention to ‘big picture' aspects of life
  • Discover how to experience anticipation and desire for success on a different level
  • No longer get bowled over by success – or failure
  • Enjoy the events where your child performs so much more.

Download Watching your child perform and discover a whole new way of supporting them.

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