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Discover the Best Ways of Supporting Your Bullied Child. Learn to see past your own emotions and find what will truly help

Caring for a Mentally Ill Child – Develop the skills and resilience to be a calm, supportive presence for your child
Parent of Drug Addict – Access a state of calm, clear perspective with the help of hypnosis
Guilty Parent – Be kinder towards yourself as a parent with the help of hypnosis
Challenging Child – Let hypnosis make you more resourceful
Watching Child Perform – Audio hypnosis to help you keep your cool
Special Needs Child – Effective emotional support for parents whose children’s needs are different
Losing Custody – Hypnosis can help you deal with anger and pain so you can do your best for your child
Playful Parent – Hypnosis can help you relax and effortlessly slip into “kid-mode” when you want to
Stay at Home Mom – Hypnosis is a great way for the stay at home mom to appreciate and enjoy what she does
Living With Teenagers – This gentle, relaxing hypnosis session can help you enjoy living with your teens
Overprotective Parents – Relax your protectiveness with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session and let your child really grow
Overcome Parental Guilt – Guilt can cause poor parenting decisions that are ultimately bad for your child
Patient Parent – Remove your ‘hot buttons’ with this gentle, permissive, deeply relaxing hypnosis session
Empty Nest Syndrome – Use gentle, permissive hypnosis to release you from the grief of empty nest syndrome and move on to the next phase of life
Worry Less About Your Kids – It’s natural to worry about your children, but it can get out of hand…
New Parent – Give yourself a deeply relaxing rest from parenting and become a calmer, more confident parent
Single Parent – Being a single parent can be a lot of pressure at times. Get some support from this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.
Crying Baby –
Assertive Parenting – Hypnosis can help you develop the emotional skills to parent the way you want to