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Remember Your Medication – How to establish a memory pattern so you don’t forget those meds


Remember Your Medication – How to establish a memory pattern so you don’t forget those meds

Remembering which pill or potion to take, and when, and how much seems simple at first. One blue pill, three times a day. That’s easy. But what about one red pill on waking, three spoonfuls of the yellow liquid every four hours, and the white powder dissolved in water every other day? And you could have an even more complicated routine than that.

Some people find it tricky to remember to take their medication even when they have them all sorted into one of those neat little dispensers with days of the week printed on them, and times of the day. Or a chart stuck to the fridge door. Because you’ve still got to remember to look. It can get really frustrating to keep on top of it. And annoying if somebody has to keep checking on you.

The risks of not taking medication as prescribed

On top of that, you can’t help but be aware of the risks you face if you do happen to miss or muddle your doses. Some conditions require you to take very precise amounts of medication at very specific intervals, or you can really suffer. So there is an added stress to the whole business of keeping on top of the medication regimen.

It would be so good if there was a simple, easy way to make yourself remember to take the medication.

Well, there is.

Using hypnosis to help you remember to take medication

Using what we know about how habitual behavior gets established, and speeding up that process by using the power of hypnosis, you can create, instill and integrate a medication routine that runs as reliably as the routine that ensures you don’t leave home undressed in the morning.

Remember to Take Medication is an audio hypnosis session which uses the very latest understandings of how the brain builds the neural pathways that control routine, instinctive behaviors so that you can effectively program your own brain.

Listening to Remember to Take Medication will take you into a deeply relaxed, highly focused, highly receptive state. You simply follow each carefully targeted suggestion in your mind, while you relax and let the new pattern take hold.

Download Remember to Take Medication and relax about remembering your meds.

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