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Fall Asleep Fast – Hypnosis can retrain your mind and body to fall asleep as nature intended

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Fall Asleep Fast – Hypnosis can retrain your mind and body to fall asleep as nature intended

Are you fed up lying awake at night?

Do you yearn for a good night's sleep?

Too tired to sleep?

Not being able to go to sleep quickly is very frustrating, and tiring. Even one night of short or broken sleep leaves you feeling tired and under par, so when it's taking you ages to fall asleep night after night, it can quickly wear you down.

Too tired to be awake

Symptoms of sleep deprivation are both mental and physical. Concentration, energy and confidence decrease. You may have even become too tired to complete your usual day to day tasks and think straight.

You might find yourself not being able to make decisions very quickly or perhaps become easily irritated by others around you. Feeling depressed, negative and anxious are also fairly common effects and your lack of energy may stop you doing things that you normally enjoy, such as meeting up with friends.

What's stopping you falling asleep?

Maybe you worry that you can't sleep, which reinforces and perpetuates the problem. Each bedtime you feel. ‘I'll never get to sleep'….”I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow” and you may also be constantly trying to work out how to fall asleep fast.

This problem means that sleep is no longer the natural process that it should be. You have probably reached the point of losing your patience with always ‘trying' to go to sleep – you've drunk your share of chamomile tea and counted the proverbial sheep but sleep still isn't your friend.

Right now you may find going to bed unappealing and you might be putting it off by staying up later and later which makes you feel even worse.

Pressure to sleep

It may be that at the moment the pressures of everyday life such as work or family problems are causing you to be stressed, anxious or angry. All of these emotions can easily interfere with your ability to relax and therefore disrupt your sleep patterns. Or you may be experiencing chronic pain, which should be checked with your doctor.

Do you find yourself still trying to solve problems at the end of the day or have lots of thoughts running through your mind whilst lying in bed? Just this alone can make sleep difficult- even if you don't feel like you're stressed.

You may have problems falling asleep fast because of noise around you, drinking caffeine before go to bed or because there have been changes in your routine or diet. All these things not only delay you falling asleep but can affect the quality of sleep you have making you still feel tired in the morning.

Not falling asleep is a habit that can be changed

Like most people who can't go to sleep, you might have tried lots of short terms fixes such as sedatives and sleeping pills to get you to sleep quickly. This may have worked for the odd night or two; however these quick fixes probably didn't make you feel any better the next day. This is because you tend to get less deep sleep by taking these kinds of pills.

Even though you may have had sleep problems for a while now, your unstable sleep pattern that has developed can be changed. It is just a habit that has got in the way of the natural processes of sleep. When it comes to bed time you now just expect to take ages to fall asleep so your mind is anxious and active. In order for the natural process to happen the mind and body needs to be relaxed.

How self hypnosis can help you fall asleep fast

Allowing yourself to be deeply relaxed and by listening to this hypnosis download will help create the same internal conditions as the ‘pre-sleep' phase. With regular relaxation your mind will start to be cleared of racing thoughts and this will kick start the natural sleep process.

The relaxation technique used in this download will make it possible for you to have a good night's sleep. And you will become to enjoy going to bed and fall asleep quickly without even thinking about it.

Just see how much more relaxed and refreshed you feel when you can enjoy a long, comfortable sleep.

You will listen to a short introduction designed to shift your thinking about falling asleep, and then experience a wonderfully relaxing, sleep inducing hypnosis session that will enable you to drift off effortlessly.

Unlike other hypnosis sessions, this download does not “bring you back to the room” after the hypnosis, instead it tapers off quietly allowing you to drift off to sleep.

The Fall Asleep Fast download will lead you through a powerful and gentle sleep induction, enabling your mind and body to;

  • stop “trying” to fall asleep
  • be relaxed about feeling sleepy
  • relearn how to wind down in preparation for a deep sleep
  • know you can listen to this download anywhere, enabling you to fall asleep in unfamiliar situations
  • wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.
  • replace the tired grumpy you, with the happier and calmer ‘real' you
  • reconnect with physical and social activities that you enjoy.
Download Fall Asleep Fast now and make bedtime tonight something to look forward to. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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