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Be Natural On Camera – Use hypnosis to help yourself be yourself in front of any camera


Be Natural On Camera – Use hypnosis to help yourself be yourself in front of any camera

Do you find it hard to be natural on camera?

When you see yourself on video, do you think you come across awkwardly?

It can be unsettling to know a camera has its eye on you, whether it's being wielded by a professional cameraperson or is just your own webcam sending your image across the internet to colleagues (or even just family members). It can make you feel self-conscious. And when you are self-conscious, you tend to stiffen up and speak less fluently and easily, and maybe you lose the thread a lot more than you'd like.

Of course, just practicing will make it easier. And if presenting on camera is important to you professionally or socially, it will help to review recordings of yourself and get feedback from others on how you pace yourself, for instance, or whether you need to do something about nervous speech patterns.

But you can do something more than this.

Hypnosis can help you quickly relax when you are being filmed

Be natural on camera is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists that will both enhance and accelerate the process of getting comfortable when being recorded or watched.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find that

  • you become generally more relaxed (not just when a camera is there)
  • you find yourself naturally rehearsing the practical elements of good communication and making them your own
  • you develop the ability to generate and maintain two levels of awareness when communicating
  • you notice yourself communicating more easily and naturally when being recorded
  • you soon stop noticing the presence of a camera altogether and can concentrate on what you want to say.

Download Be natural on camera and never give it another thought.

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