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Dealing with Office Politics – Develop the inner resources to better understand and respond to conflicts in the workplace
Poor Performance Review – Make positive changes in your professional life with the help of hypnosis
Be a Better Manager – Use hypnosis to develop the approach and attitude of the true team leader
Career Change Confidence – How to use hypnosis to prepare yourself to change tracks and take a new course in life
Bad Boss – Use hypnosis to help yourself stay calm, think strategically and stop being a victim
Emotional Job Stress – Hypnotically compartmentalize your work and private life – and relax
Confident Delegating – Use hypnosis to develop the mindset you need
Be Natural On Camera – Use hypnosis to help yourself be yourself in front of any camera
Be More Proactive – Use hypnosis to jump those blocks to taking action
Business Networking Confidence – Hypnosis can help you adopt the right mindset to make the most of your opportunities
Be a Better Writer – Powerfully enhance your writing and connect deeply with your readers
Enjoy Your Work – Use this gentle hypnosis audio to shift your attitude to work and improve your everyday life
Monday Blues – Start your week with a bang – every week
Impromptu Speech – Use hypnosis to tap into your inner creativity and calm and be ready to stand up and speak
Speak Without Notes – Hypnosis can help you master the art of remembering what you want to say to your audience
Presentation Anxiety (Long Term) – Hypnosis can help you stay calm and cool in the time leading up to your presentation
Questions from Hell in Presentations – Powerful hypnotic training to help you handle anything your audience can throw at you
Be More Professional – Adopt the mindset and behaviors of the true professional using hypnosis
Powerful Public Speaking – Hypnosis can help you really raise your game at making speeches and presentations
Meet Deadlines – Hypnosis is a brilliant way to get yourself to meet deadlines like clockwork
Team Player – Develop the ‘team player’ mindset and attitude with hypnosis
Telesales Confidence – Get the edge in telesales with this advanced hypnosis mindsetting session
Personal Time Management – Use hypnosis to help you make the most of every minute
Improve Typing Speed – Great typists type unconsciously – so it makes sense to train yourself using hypnosis
Workaholic – Use this powerful hypnosis audio to break your addiction to work and regain a work-life balance
Workplace Bullying – This gentle, permissive hypnosis session will help you deal with the stress and anxiety of workplace bullying
Project Management Planning – Use hypnosis to tune your mental skills so you’re at the top of your game
Job Search Perseverance – Hypnosis can significantly boost your job search perseverance
Asking for a Raise – Hypnotically rehearse successfully negotiating a pay rise
Return to Work – Why hypnosis can help you prepare emotionally for going back to work after a long break
Selling Skills Superstar – Want to give your selling skills that superstar ‘punch’? Use hypnosis to get your unconscious mind aligned.
Be More Persuasive – Learn persuasion skills from the experts – hypnosis is above all, a persuasion tool.
Enjoy Paperwork – A hypnosis audio to change your attitude to admin
Find a New Job – This gentle hypnosis session will help you create the confidence you need to go for a new job
Job Loss – Job loss can be hard to deal with – give yourself a hypnotic helping hand
Finish What You Start – A hypnosis audio to keep you on task until the job is done
First Day at Work – Relax with those nerves and look forward to a new adventure with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session
Confidence in Meetings – A relaxing hypnosis audio to teach your unconscious how to stay calm and speak clearly in groups
Crying at Work – Use this gentle yet powerful hypnosis session to help control your emotions in the workplace
Attention to Detail – Let hypnosis help you focus your mind on the small things more
Confidence with your Boss – Use hypnosis to give you a confident attitude when dealing with your boss
Be Punctual – Create the habit of punctual timekeeping in your unconscious mind with hypnosis
Making Big Decisions – Use hypnosis to gain the insight of your instinctive, unconscious mind before you decide
Public Speaking Fear – Banish speaking anxiety and nerves with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session