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Powerful Public Speaking – Hypnosis can help you really raise your game at making speeches and presentations


Powerful Public Speaking – Hypnosis can help you really raise your game at making speeches and presentations

Is that old public speaking fear still tripping you up inside even though you've worked really hard to develop your abilities?

Do you want to take your public speaking to a whole new level?

To speak well in front of audiences and give good presentations on any topic in work or social situations, you have to grapple with practicalities. There's masses of advice to help presenters master the basics, from structuring the material and making the content really interesting to using body language effectively. Applying yourself to learning, practicing and mastering these skills is essential to success as a public speaker.

And you've probably done it. (You have, haven't you?)

What makes a really great public speaker?

There is more to making a really great speech or presentation than knowing how to do it and being very competent. There is more to it than just knowing how to deal with anxiety or barracking from the audience.

really memorable speakers and presenters stand out from the merely good speakers and presenters because they bring something else into the mix when they open their mouths and start to talk about their topic.

It's not that the great presenters are some special kind of human being, with gifts that the rest of us cannot aspire to. What they have done is cracked the secret of so intimately associating themselves with the content of what they are saying that the distinction between speaker and topic vanishes and it's all about the content.

Public speaking fear is just irrelevant when you commit to the content

This is not just knowing your material inside out. This is being totally and honestly committed to its value and significance for your audience. So committed that you almost take yourself out of the picture, because it's not about you.

This creates a completely different mood, an energy and liveliness that just carries the audience along. This is not something you can fake (though plenty of people try). It has to be genuine to work.

So how do you get there? How do you tap into that state of energy, that state of being in flow, that will take your talks and presentations up to the next level, and the next, and the next? How do you finally wipe the last traces of any public speaking fear that might be holding you back?

Why hypnosis is an invaluable tool for the presenter

Powerful Public Speaking is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists (and presenters) that will teach you how to prime your brain to make that vital connection and steadily raise the level of your performance.

As you relax regularly into deep trance with your hypnosis audio, you will be integrating and embedding a series of powerful hypnotic patterns in your brain. You will increasingly notice that

  • you feel more relaxed and confident when speaking than you ever thought possible
  • you sense a greater flow of energy between yourself and the audience
  • you have forgotten to notice your own feelings while presenting
  • your presentation improves every time you give another talk or speech
  • you begin to wonder just how far you can take this

Download Powerful Public Speaking now and give yourself the opportunity to excel. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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