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Questions from Hell in Presentations – Powerful hypnotic training to help you handle anything your audience can throw at you


Questions from Hell in Presentations – Powerful hypnotic training to help you handle anything your audience can throw at you

Are your public speaking presentations stressful occasions blighted by the dread of being asked something you can't answer?

Do you find yourself “hoping you'll get through alright” rather than confidently looking forward to a great presentation?

If you've been working hard to develop your skills as a presenter or public speaker, you'll know the satisfaction that comes from getting better and better at what you do. It's very rewarding to see from the response of your audience that you are coming across well. When you know that you can explain, inform, challenge, enlighten or entertain really effectively, you begin to feel that you are really getting somewhere.

An unexpected consequence of being good at public speaking

When an audience follows your every word, laughs at your jokes, compliments you, tells you how they look forward to hearing you again, and so on, several things can happen. Your self-esteem gets a satisfying boost (something we all enjoy). You sense a rise in status (because people are looking up to you). You feel increasingly confident of your command of your subject. And you may get a nasty hollow feeling inside.

This can be quite a shock.

You would think that someone who has been at pains to improve their public speaking presentations and has manifestly got better at it would feel reliably relaxed and confident. But that hollow secret dread of being faced with the ‘question from hell' is actually a fairly common experience. It comes about because of the uncomfortable discrepancy between how you see yourself, how you think others see you and how you want to be seen.

How can you deal with this (inevitable) discrepancy effectively and comfortably and stop it getting in the way?

Conquer the final fear of public speaking presentations with hypnosis

Public speaking – the question from hell is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience in public speaking that addresses this question at the root. Which is to say – at the level of the unconscious mind.

As you listen repeatedly to your download, you will

  • learn how to relax yourself quickly and deeply
  • discover how to establish and maintain the optimum state for effective learning and communication
  • hypnotically rehearse and master powerful response strategies
  • develop more creative ways to respond flexibly to any challenge
  • become even better than you are now at public speaking presentations

Download Public speaking – the question from hell and make sure you can handle anything.

Public Speaking – the Question from Hell has been purchased by 115 customers.

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