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Personal Change – Let hypnosis help you make the change


Personal Change – Let hypnosis help you make the change

Do you want to make an important personal change in yourself or your circumstances?

Are you wondering why it seems so dreadfully difficult to make a start on it?

Life is complicated, and people are the most complicated things in life. We live in the midst of powerful natural and social forces over which we have extremely little control. Even when we look at ourselves (and you'd think we'd know ourselves at least!) we find (if we're honest) that we're not the rational, sensible, straightforward folks that we like to imagine we are. Our actions and our words are all too often completely mismatched.

Talking about personal change is not the same as doing it

It's easy to see this in other people, of course. You can probably think of a whole bunch of folks you know who say they are going to do X, Y or Z, but your experience of them tells you not to expect X, Y or Z any time soon. It's all talk. Even if it's genuine, heartfelt, talk, and they really mean it. Everybody ‘wants things to be different', but when it comes to doing something to make them different…

It's harder to recognize this pattern in ourselves, but when we're honest (you're reading this page, after all!), we have to acknowledge that we're not all that different from other people. Life can be scary and complicated for all of us, and much as we might talk and dream of a ‘better way', it can feel like a very big leap to make a significant change. You've survived life's chaos up till now – why risk rocking the boat?

Facing the big questions

But there are times in everybody's life when you come face to face with two big questions. It can happen in any area of life. It could be to do with your career, your lifestyle, your relationships, your beliefs, or anything at all. You realize that there is something you are deeply, fundamentally unhappy with. And then you have to ask yourself:

Am I really prepared for things to go on like this?
What am I going to do about it?

Making the change, whatever it is, may mean the upsetting of one or more habitual ways of going on that have served you perfectly well until now. There are bound to be people around you who won't like it. And although you may have hope – and expectation – of benefitting from the change, you have no cast iron guarantee that everything will work out as planned. You have to take a big risk and leap into the unknown.

How can you help yourself get past these obstacles?

Hypnosis can help you adopt the mindset for change

Personal change is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you get comfortable with the idea of making changes and fire up your determination to take action.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that

  • you feel calmer about the challenges you face
  • your mind sharpens and you start to think more clearly
  • your ‘comfort zone' begins to expand
  • it becomes easier to work out a suitable ‘step by step' approach
  • you feel much more strongly motivated to get things going
  • you start to take action

Download Personal change and make that difference for yourself.

Personal Change has been purchased by 370 customers.

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