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Party Without Alcohol – Forget about the alcohol and get the party buzz without the hangover, with this hypnosis audio


Party Without Alcohol – Forget about the alcohol and get the party buzz without the hangover, with this hypnosis audio

You've been invited to your best mate's bachelor party.  You're in the night-club and tequilla shots have been ordered for each and every party-goer, including you.  What do you do?

Or maybe you've recently discovered you're pregnant.  You're delighted but not ready to announce this to the world.  You're at a work social and offered a glass of wine by your boss.  What do you do?

In the West, there is an assumption that drinking is a necessary part of our lives, and a party is not real unless a bottle or three of champagne is popped. The drinking culture can be hard to handle if you're trying to cut down or stop drinking alcohol, or even if you just the driver for the night.

Just how tough is it to have fun without alcohol?

But how tough it is depends heavily on your own assumptions about alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, research [1] shows that, although alcohol has measurable physiological effects, people's responses to drinking are very largely shaped by what they expect to happen. Study participants given ‘fake' vodka and tonic drinks in a bar-room setting displayed all the signs of becoming inebriated.

And if you think you're missing out by not drinking, or making an excessive sacrifice, the party spirit is going to pass right by. If you could just forget about it, and somehow get the buzz without the hangover, that would be a clever trick to pull off.

So can you a) change your expectations and b) forget about the issue? Answer: Yes.

Hypnosis can help you change your mind in dramatic ways

Party without alcohol is an audio hypnosis session put together by psychologists that will help you make some fundamental changes at the unconscious level – which is where your expectations come from.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find that

  • you start to reconnect with your inborn ability to be cheerful and sociable without chemical assistance
  • you feel more and more at ease in different social situations
  • the old preoccupation with drinking/not drinking begins to fade into irrelevance
  • parties and social occasions become refocused on their prime aim – to enjoy the event and the company
  • life in general seems much more enjoyable now that you no longer care about not drinking

Download Party without alcohol and enjoy yourself more.

[1] American Psychological Society Research

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