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Cure Needle Phobia – How hypnosis can allow you to relax around injections

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Cure Needle Phobia – How hypnosis can allow you to relax around injections

Whether fear of needles is causing a problem because you want to give blood, have to have injections for health reasons, or for innoculations before going abroad, needle phobia can be a major problem.

Many people with a fear of needles find that they become faint when getting an injection, or even pass out completely.

This is because the sight (or imagination) of a needle phobia can trigger the brain's natural defence mechanism against blood loss, which will lower your blood pressure – causing faintness.

How hypnosis can help

The reason that some people become faint around needles while others don't is because needle phobia sufferers have, at some point, tagged needles as an emotional issue. Because of this, the perception of a needle is handled by the brain's survival system, which is why blood pressure is reduced in response.

Happily, hypnosis can remove this unconscious response quickly and comfortably. After using the Cure Fear of Needles download, you will notice immediately that even thinking about an injection is easier.

And when you go for an injection, you will be amazed that you are much more relaxed than you ever were. (We can't promise you will actually like injections though!) Being uncomfortable around needles is normal but needle phobia can be cured.

Download Cure Fear of Needles today and get rid of that old problem for good. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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