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Noise Sensitivity – Retrain your brain to hear ‘those sounds’ calmly

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Noise Sensitivity – Retrain your brain to hear ‘those sounds' calmly

Do certain sounds cause you acute distress or discomfort?

Do you find that you are terribly sensitive to noise that others don't even notice?

Noise sensitivity, or misophonia, can make life pretty tough, can't it? If certain sounds cause you pain and/or emotional distress, it means you always have to think about whether you might hear those sounds. And that means you might avoid certain places, or certain situations. That can cause difficulties with other people – especially if they just don't get why you're so bothered.

Will you have to put up with noise sensitivity for ever?

It might seem like you can't do anything about how you hear things, or how you react. It's not as if you consciously choose how to react to the noises you hear.

Your ears just do what they do, and your brain responds how it does, and nobody asks your permission. Many people think they just have to put up with being oversensitive, and try to avoid potentially distressing situations.

But actually there is quite a lot you can do to influence how, and what, you hear.

Hypnosis can retrain ‘automatic' responses

Noise Sensitivity Treatment is an audio hypnosis session that works on the same level as hearing itself – the level of the unconscious mind. It will quickly get you to process sounds in a new and much more comfortable way.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that you:

  • Relax more quickly and more deeply each time you listen
  • Enjoy experiencing a range of fascinating hypnotic phenomena
  • Learn how to completely transform experiences you've already had
  • Learn how to shape and direct experiences you've not yet had
  • Are already responding differently to sounds in your environment
  • Find yourself enjoying life so much more.

Download Noise Sensitivity Treatment and get more comfortable in the world of sounds. You can listen on your device or computer or via our free app that you will be able to access when you have completed your purchase.

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