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Live Your Values – Integrate your aspirations and your actions with the help of hypnosis


Live Your Values – Integrate your aspirations and your actions with the help of hypnosis

Can you honestly say that you live your values in your daily life?

Are you conscious of a (painful) gulf between what you know matters to you, and what you actually do and say out in the real world?

Nobody's perfect, and ‘perfection' is an unattainable goal. Nonetheless, we humans have an inbuilt drive to feel good about ourselves, to see ourselves as ‘good people'. Our ideas about what ‘being good' means are drawn from many sources, which can conflict with each other. Figuring out what our own values are is an important part of maturing as a human being.

But figuring out what matters to you, and developing your own values, is really only the first step. Along with our inbuilt drive to ‘be a good person' we have another powerful drive. The drive to get what we want – whatever it may be. Our drives are neither good nor bad in themselves. They are just the tools nature gives us to help us make our way successfully in the world.

The conflict between values and desires

You probably don't need anyone to tell you that these drives can conflict with each other! We've all been in the situation where, inside, we genuinely believe that there is a clear ‘right thing to do', and we aspire to doing it, while at the same time we genuinely want something (not necessarily a ‘bad thing') that we will have to give up if we do that right thing.

The dilemma is pretty clear.

If I do ‘the right thing', I won't get ‘what I want'.

Consequence: I will feel virtuous, but dissatisfied.

If I do ‘the wrong thing', I will get ‘what I want'.

Consequence: I will feel satisfied, but ashamed.

We are continually faced with this challenge: what matters more – to be good, or to get what you want? It's a very uncomfortable challenge, and the nitty-gritty circumstances of real life mean that it often isn't a clear cut decision, because it's not always easy to tell what is ‘the right thing to do'. But if we don't find a way to live out our values more consistently and congruently, we end up feeling very bad about ourselves.

How can you best help yourself deal with this universal human dilemma?

Hypnosis can help you align your principles and your actions

Live your values is an audio hypnosis session devised by psychologists that will help you establish your own principles and turn them into a truly effective blueprint for action in your life.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll find that you

  • start to take a new ‘bigger picture' perspective on your life
  • identify a number of real ‘core values' – the things that really, truly matter to you
  • begin to master how to make each of those values an instinctive guide to action
  • find yourself naturally acting more in accordance with your principles more often
  • enjoy a sense of deeper integration and congruence within yourself.

Download Live your values and become more of the person you really want to be.

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