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Not As Bad As You Think – Use deep relaxation and calm to give you distance and perspective on your worries


Not As Bad As You Think – Use deep relaxation and calm to give you distance and perspective on your worries

Are you putting off dealing with something that you know really needs your attention?

Are you secretly worried that disaster is about to strike?

The poor old ostrich gets a bad press. He's the guy who's famous for burying his head in the sand when trouble looms. Ostriches don't actually bury their heads. If they can't run away from trouble (they are very fast runners), they may flop down on the sand with their necks stretched out. As their necks are a light color, this helps them camouflage themselves. Because the body is visible, it looks as if they have buried their heads.

Hypnosis can help you see clearly and take action

Humans don't bury their heads either (obviously). But we use the ostrich myth to describe a very common human behavior – shutting our eyes and ears to trouble that we don't want to or are not ready to face up to. We call it putting our heads in the sand. We tell ourselves that “everything is okay, really” or “it's bound to turn out alright” and we try to ignore the anxiety churning away in our guts.

This behavior is nowhere near as effective at protecting us as the ostrich's camouflage strategy. The ostrich's attacker may be effectively deceived and they may wander off in search of other prey, leaving the ostrich to get on with life. But we know very well that there is no ‘attacker' out there whom we can hide from and all will be well. At some point, we will have to deal with whatever the ‘trouble' is.

Your imagination deceives you – it's not as bad as you think

So why do we do it? Especially as, in so many cases, putting off the evil moment can actually make a ‘trouble' worse than it needs to be? There are two answers to this. Firstly, our over active imaginations build the problem up into something overwhelming and scary – a bogeyman. We don't want to face him. Secondly, our optimistic self talks feels comforting and gives us a let out. “I don't actually need to do anything.”

But, as you've undoubtedly noticed, it's hard to properly enjoy life when you've got your head ‘in the sand'. The strain of keeping that worry at the back of your mind and not letting it get to the front is wearing and stressful. And, as anyone can tell you, when you lift your head up and look squarely at what's in front of you, the bogeyman invariably shrinks.

So clearly it's a good idea to get out of the habit of pretending things are okay when they're not. But if this has been your usual way of dealing with difficult stuff, it can feel pretty difficult to deal with itself!

Is there any way to make it easier?


Hypnosis is an effective way to develop a more realistic approach

It's not as bad as you think is an audio hypnosis session specifically designed by psychologists to help you adopt a more effective approach to dealing with the challenges in your life – easily and comfortably.

The powerful targeted hypnotic suggestions will get you

  • relaxing very deeply and connecting with your unconscious mind
  • focusing on what's really important to you
  • calming down your unwarranted worries so that you can think straight
  • looking at the facts calmly and clearly
  • working out good action plans for whatever you need to deal with
  • feeling very good about yourself as you take action

Download It's not as bad as you think and face your challenges with confidence.

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