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Long Term Thinking – Escape the limitations of short term thinking with this professional hypnosis audio


Long Term Thinking – Escape the limitations of short term thinking with this professional hypnosis audio

Do you live for today with little care for tomorrow, next week or even next month?

Do you often look back and wish you'd thought a bit harder about what your choices would ultimately lead to?

Why is it when you look back at what actually happened, it seems so obvious that certain actions and choices were bound to lead to the consequences that indeed followed them.

And why, in spite of all our knowledge and wisdom, do we persist in mostly operating within a very short time horizon without taking the long view?

Long term thinking powers have only recently evolved

Scientists have discovered that we use different regions of the brain to make short and long term decisions. Short term decisions are processed in the part of the brain that handles emotions.

This system evolved a long time ago, and is dominant. Long term decisions involve cognitive analysis, which takes place in the part of the brain that handles abstract thought. It evolved much later than the emotional response system.

Because the emotional response system is dominant, it tends to kick in first when you have a decision to make. Unless the cognitive analysis system gets fired up by something, and starts joining in, the emotional response system rules.

The good news is, you can deliberately fire up that cognitive analysis system – your inner long term thinker.

And here's how.

How hypnosis can help you instinctively consider the long term

Long Term Thinking is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that pulls together the latest research on human decision making and combines it with powerful hypnotic techniques to get you taking a long view.

Using powerful metaphors, it helps you develop the skills to plant the seeds and allow them to grow over time to become the forest that creates the timber house for your children.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll be effortlessly training your brain to:

  • go rapidly into a state of calm, clear, ‘bigger picture' awareness
  • regularly reinforce the neural pathways that control operations in the frontal cortex so they are as flexible and responsive as possible
  • proactively engage long term analytical assessment using a proven technique

and as a consequence (long term!) you'll find that you:

  • instinctively make wiser, more life-enriching decisions
  • enjoy all the benefits that making better decisions can bring to your health, wealth and general happiness.

Download Long Term Thinking now and take the long view on life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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