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Trust Your Instincts – Learn how to listen more closely to your heart with hypnosis


Trust Your Instincts – Learn how to listen more closely to your heart with hypnosis

“His heart wasn't in it.”  “I had a gut feeling she wasn't to be trusted.”  “It just felt so right!”

These sorts of phrases tell us that our own bodies send us signals about how to respond to the world and circumstances around us. We have evolved a complex and subtle system for assessing what's going on, and it's pretty good.

But the obvious or ‘common sense‘ thing to do, can be very wrong indeed. An awful lot of things don't actually work the way they seem to work.

Trusting your instincts is irrational

This has made us uncomfortable with our instinctual behaviors. How can you base a big, important decision on a sensation that you notice occurring in your gut? On a tight feeling in your chest? On a sudden loosening of your shoulder muscles?

Surely that's not rational? Surely it's not sensible? Shouldn't you weigh up evidence, consider all the pros and cons rationally, if you want to make a good decision?

So you try to put aside those troublesome urges and sensations coming from within, and beat them down with ‘being rational'. And the result can be decisions that you later regret.

You need instincts and reason

It is not a question of having to choose, reason over instinct. Your instincts and your rationality have both been bestowed upon you by evolution, and both attributes contribute to the success of the human species – you need to use them both.

But so many of us have had to quash our instincts down because of the social pressure to be ‘rational' about everything that we have forgotten how to pick up the signals our instincts send us and how to interpret them when we do notice them.

How do we get that back?

How hypnosis can help you recover your connection to instinct

Trust Your Instincts is an audio hypnosis session that will put you in touch again with your deepest instinctual feelings and show you how to benefit from their guidance, without losing any of your ability to judge things rationally.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • feel much more deeply centered in yourself
  • become more sensitive to subtle physiological signals
  • gain a deeper trust of what you know in your own heart
  • start to align your life more closely with your inner sense of what is right for you
  • can confidently combine your rational powers with your instinctive feelings to make better choices for yourself

Download Trust Your Instincts now and connect with all of who you really are. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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