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Road Rage – Why hypnosis can stop you getting angry behind the wheel


Road Rage – Why hypnosis can stop you getting angry behind the wheel

If you're looking at hypnosis to stop having road rage you've probably tried again and again to get control of your anger but failed.

And this is the problem with road rage – it happens too fast.

But why does road rage occur? How come the calmest of us can turn into a monster in the car?

Does anger simply overcome all our better instincts, or is road rage a symptom of our hectic lifestyles?

Whatever the cause, there is only one solution: change the way you respond to other drivers.

How hypnosis works for road rage

The most accurate description of what happens in road rage is that you go into a trance state. Regardless of what you are like outside the car, as soon as something happens on the road, the red mist comes down and anger takes over.

This is a hypnotic state in itself . And it has ‘attached' itself to driving, so that your car acts as what we call a ‘post hypnotic suggestion‘.

That just means that you are conditioned to respond with anger when you encounter a situation in your car. It's the same as hearing an old piece of music and feeling the way you did back when you first heard it.

Hypnosis is so effective for road rage because it works on the same level as the anger.

Quickly and comfortably you will train your brain to respond with calmness and self-control when driving – safer for your own health and your passengers' !

Get Overcome Road Rage now and look forward to calmer, safer journeys. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Note: Overcome Road Rage will retrain your unconscious mind to response differently to challenges when driving. It must NOT be listened to when driving.

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