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Stop Comparing Yourself – How hypnosis can free your mind from the relentless pressure to be like other people


Stop Comparing Yourself – How hypnosis can free your mind from the relentless pressure to be like other people

“She's prettier than me”. “I'm slimmer than her”.

“He's more clever than me”. “Why can't you be more like your sister?”.

Ever heard of ‘comparanoia'?

OK, it's a made up word, but how beautifully it captures the rather crazy nature of our tendency to compare ourselves obsessively with other people!

We do it everyday on social media, on the TV and magazines.

Of course, comparing yourself to others is a very human trait. In its place, social comparison can even be beneficial, and where would ‘fashion' be without it? Whole industries depend on you continuing to compare yourself with other people!

When comparing yourself to others becomes detrimental

Although it's true to say that comparison with others has always been around, it's also true that nowadays we are much more actively encouraged to engage in this comparison, and given many more opportunities to do so.

Just look at the news bulletins, the newspapers, the magazines, and all the advertising which surrounds you.

And this is where the trouble starts. These air-brushed and edited ‘poster' people have it all.

The money. The smart clothes. The fast cars. The exciting careers. The glamorous holidays. The fancy houses. There's no mistaking the message: “You should be just like them!”. You can soon begin to feel as if you're some kind of failure if you are not totally focused on getting all this for yourself.

The effect of too much comparison

While striving to improve your lot in life is admirable, if your sole goal is to “be like so-and-so”, you risk missing out on something really important.

You risk missing out on really being yourself, following your own unique path in life, expressing the individuality that is you.

Would you really want to give up your uniqueness to become a clone? Wouldn't you rather enjoy your own life rather than someone else's?

Breaking free of the pressure to compare yourself with others

The habit of comparing yourself is a hard one to break. Which is why hypnosis can be helpful.

Thoughts are driven by emotions, and hypnosis is excellent at helping you calm down emotional responses.

The Stop Comparing Yourself to Others hypnosis session offers you a way to free your mind from the relentless pressure to use other people as your yardstick. You will learn to see through the hype and understand why imitating others is a false dream.

The session will help you rediscover the true value of your unique path in life – and be ready to defend it.

Download Stop Comparing Yourself to Others now and reclaim the unique gift that you are to the world. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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