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Stop Being Judgmental – Hypnosis can help you modify unconscious patterns so that you really can stop being so judgmental


Stop Being Judgmental – Hypnosis can help you modify unconscious patterns so that you really can stop being so judgmental

Do you find yourself too readily forming negative conclusions about people and events?

Have you been criticized by friends or family or colleagues for being ‘too judgmental'?

It's not easy for any of us to hear such comments. After all, everyone thinks their own opinions are right, and justified – otherwise they wouldn't have those opinions, would they?

So when someone tells us that our opinions are overly negative, or that we don't really have a good basis for disliking so-and-so, it's natural to bristle and get a bit defensive.

But it's a sign of personal maturity to be able to reflect more deeply on that kind of feedback, and to review what underpins our behavior.

Have we taken a dislike to someone for no good reason? Are we too ready to criticize how other people do things just because it isn't how we would do it?

Do we tend to just dismiss innocent suggestions as not worth considering? Is this the kind of person we really want to be?

Why emotion makes it hard to stop being judgmental

Decisions like these are, by their nature, made on the basis of very little information. We reach our conclusions not after a careful gathering and weighing of all the facts, but after a quick check of how we feel about the person or situation before us.

There are, of course, times when this is the best way to reach a conclusion – for example, in a situation of danger where safety is more important than being fair.

The trouble is, that feeling of ‘rightness' about our hasty conclusion can convince us that this conclusion holds good at all times and in all circumstances.

Our emotional response to a single occasion becomes the ‘judgment' that we apply to all (even only remotely) similar occasions. And this can lead us very far astray, and make interpersonal relationships very difficult.

How do you stop doing it? If you're in the habit of making up your mind really quickly, and sticking by your conclusion, how can you learn to withhold judgment for a while until you have more evidence, so that you can be fairer to yourself and others? The answer lies in dealing with the emotional aspect of the process.

How hypnosis can help you become less judgmental

Stop Being Judgmental is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that uses powerful hypnotic processes to help you calm down the emotional patterns of black and white, over-judgmental thinking.

In the deeply relaxed state of mind that hypnotic trance allows you to access, it becomes easy to separate out the emotional and rational/logical aspects of decision making. Repeated listening to this session will have profound effects on how you see the world. You'll find that you

  • naturally give yourself a ‘breathing space' before reacting to things
  • want to get detailed information about people before you make up your mind about them
  • notice more different details about everything happening around you
  • feel more relaxed about life in general
  • enjoy interactions with other people more
  • are perfectly capable of reacting quickly when this is necessary

Download Stop Being Judgmental now and be fairer all round. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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